Month: May 2010

A dress in the life of …

I ended up pulling a switcheroo yesterday, and instead of going to the fashion swap I went to Sex and The City 2 with a couple of girlfriends. The movie was as bad as the reviews suggested, but the clothes were pretty fabulous. I was puzzled by one particular scene in which Carrie gives Big a hard time about lying on the couch with his shoes on … while she’s wearing 5 inch stilettos indoors. Is wearing shoes indoors an American thing? Because I don’t really see the benefits — I shudder to think about what my carpets (and hardwood) would look like after  a few months. Besides, wearing high heels at home seems like unnecessary torture; all I want to do at the end of a long day is take my stilettos off. But, as the movie audience was told again and again, Carrie Preston nee Bradshaw is a very special snowflake. She probably wears her Jimmy Choos in the bathtub.

As coincidence would have it, today I had the opportunity to experience the Carrie life first hand. The Bay has recently added a few new designer collections to its roster, including Rachel Roy and Halston Heritage. They are currently available in Edmonton only at the Southgate Bay store (aka “the fashionista’s Bay”). I was there earlier this afternoon and spotted a couple of the dresses worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC2. I figured this could very well be the only chance I’d ever have to step into her fabulous shoes (metaphorically speaking) and I took it. 
The dress I tried on was the crinkly purple number Carrie wears when she returns home from [minor SPOILER ahead] Stanford’s wedding. I did not look to see what fabric it was made of, but it didn’t feel that luxurious … considering that we are talking about a $500+ dress. On me, the dress felt … swishy. SPJ must be a heck of a lot tinier than me, because she managed to look willowy in it on screen (the said 5 inch heels probably helped) while I managed to look … vaguely tent-like.

Sadly, I did not have my camera with me, so I have no photographic record of my brush with cinematic fame. However, here is a picture of the lovely lady herself wearing the Halston on set:

                                                                 Image credit: James Devaney/

Difficult choices

Having seen the movie trailer, I don’t think I’m giving anything away in saying that one of the big plot points of Sex and The City 2 is the return of Aidan. Yes, folks, Aidan Shaw. What is this, 2001 all over again? Haven’t we had enough of the Carrie-Big-Aidan triangle already? This dynamic always brought out the worst in Carrie, in my opinion, and I’d rather not see it rehashed again. What’s going to happen this time — Carrie’s going to cheat on Big with Aidan? Ooooh! This wouldn’t be shocking, it’d just be lazy on the part of the writers. For better or worse, they worked hard to get Carrie to end up with Big in the show’s series finale, and did a fairly decent job of it (if we forget the whole Aleksandr Petrovsky and poor-Carrie-lost-in-Paris nonsense — don’t get me started!) … so why work so hard now to crap all over that? Isn’t it supposed to be a love for all ages? Aren’t these people supposed to be in their forties by now? Shouldn’t they be just a little more mature? We already had to sit through the mild cheese-fest that was Sex and The City: Wedding or No Wedding — how much longer are the writers/producers going to trade on our loyalty for the original show? I mean, the plot of the first movie revolved around a misunderstanding that would have been easily cleared up had Carrie and Big been capable of having an reasonable adult conversation that did not involve street scenes and flower-throwing. But maybe I’m asking too much.

Sex and The City 2 now poses a serious dilemma for me. I loved the original show, and my fond memories linger on. I love fashion and, let’s face it, SATC2 looks like a glorified commercial. But the plot, I suspect, will fill me with disgust. [On top of Aidan, we have camels, which does not bode well. I’m pretty sure there are no camels in NYC. The story always seems to suffer when the girls leave the city.] I’m tired of seeing these women behave like foolish harridans, I’m tired of improbable plot lines, and I’m tired of silly triangles. So what should I do? Keep the faith or turn a new page?

Your turn: are you going to see Sex and The City 2 or not?

Social calendar

Tomorrow, I will be going to the Over The Top Fashion Swap, a city-wide clothes swap. I’ve been involved in clothes swaps before, and in fact have organized 3 of them in as many years. I highly recommend them as an easy way to spring clean one’s closet (and maybe pick up a nice freebie or two at the same time) and have a fun girls’ night to boot. For one thing, the thought that my clothes are going to people I know and like makes it easier to let go of things I love (or to which I am sentimentally attached) but don’t (or can’t) wear anymore. My swaps have been small-scale, fairly unstructured events consisting of a half-dozen or so girlfriends getting together over a few bottles of wine at my house. I’m curious to see how a formal swap works in practice, and what fellow Edmontonians’ closets will disgorge. I’m going in with a little bit of trepidation for the things I’m about to relinquish – what if I find nothing I like? – but I will let you know how it goes.

For anyone interested, the swap is happening tomorrow, May 29 at the Winspear, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Maybe I’ll see you there!