I ended up pulling a switcheroo yesterday, and instead of going to the fashion swap I went to Sex and The City 2 with a couple of girlfriends. The movie was as bad as the reviews suggested, but the clothes were pretty fabulous. I was puzzled by one particular scene in which Carrie gives Big a hard time about lying on the couch with his shoes on … while she’s wearing 5 inch stilettos indoors. Is wearing shoes indoors an American thing? Because I don’t really see the benefits — I shudder to think about what my carpets (and hardwood) would look like after  a few months. Besides, wearing high heels at home seems like unnecessary torture; all I want to do at the end of a long day is take my stilettos off. But, as the movie audience was told again and again, Carrie Preston nee Bradshaw is a very special snowflake. She probably wears her Jimmy Choos in the bathtub.

As coincidence would have it, today I had the opportunity to experience the Carrie life first hand. The Bay has recently added a few new designer collections to its roster, including Rachel Roy and Halston Heritage. They are currently available in Edmonton only at the Southgate Bay store (aka “the fashionista’s Bay”). I was there earlier this afternoon and spotted a couple of the dresses worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC2. I figured this could very well be the only chance I’d ever have to step into her fabulous shoes (metaphorically speaking) and I took it. 
The dress I tried on was the crinkly purple number Carrie wears when she returns home from [minor SPOILER ahead] Stanford’s wedding. I did not look to see what fabric it was made of, but it didn’t feel that luxurious … considering that we are talking about a $500+ dress. On me, the dress felt … swishy. SPJ must be a heck of a lot tinier than me, because she managed to look willowy in it on screen (the said 5 inch heels probably helped) while I managed to look … vaguely tent-like.

Sadly, I did not have my camera with me, so I have no photographic record of my brush with cinematic fame. However, here is a picture of the lovely lady herself wearing the Halston on set:

                                                                 Image credit: James Devaney/WireImage.com

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