Having seen the movie trailer, I don’t think I’m giving anything away in saying that one of the big plot points of Sex and The City 2 is the return of Aidan. Yes, folks, Aidan Shaw. What is this, 2001 all over again? Haven’t we had enough of the Carrie-Big-Aidan triangle already? This dynamic always brought out the worst in Carrie, in my opinion, and I’d rather not see it rehashed again. What’s going to happen this time — Carrie’s going to cheat on Big with Aidan? Ooooh! This wouldn’t be shocking, it’d just be lazy on the part of the writers. For better or worse, they worked hard to get Carrie to end up with Big in the show’s series finale, and did a fairly decent job of it (if we forget the whole Aleksandr Petrovsky and poor-Carrie-lost-in-Paris nonsense — don’t get me started!) … so why work so hard now to crap all over that? Isn’t it supposed to be a love for all ages? Aren’t these people supposed to be in their forties by now? Shouldn’t they be just a little more mature? We already had to sit through the mild cheese-fest that was Sex and The City: Wedding or No Wedding — how much longer are the writers/producers going to trade on our loyalty for the original show? I mean, the plot of the first movie revolved around a misunderstanding that would have been easily cleared up had Carrie and Big been capable of having an reasonable adult conversation that did not involve street scenes and flower-throwing. But maybe I’m asking too much.

Sex and The City 2 now poses a serious dilemma for me. I loved the original show, and my fond memories linger on. I love fashion and, let’s face it, SATC2 looks like a glorified commercial. But the plot, I suspect, will fill me with disgust. [On top of Aidan, we have camels, which does not bode well. I’m pretty sure there are no camels in NYC. The story always seems to suffer when the girls leave the city.] I’m tired of seeing these women behave like foolish harridans, I’m tired of improbable plot lines, and I’m tired of silly triangles. So what should I do? Keep the faith or turn a new page?

Your turn: are you going to see Sex and The City 2 or not?

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  1. I’m going! I just want to see the clothes. (And the camels) Hubby has decided to sit this one out.