Month: May 2010

The hotness

Like Maria von Trapp, I too have a long list of favourite things. And it keeps growing all the time. Currently, my favourite thing is my new pair of cropped iT jeans. I wore them everywhere in Vancouver this weekend.

I always find pants, and jeans in particular, really hard to shop for. I have a sizable backside and the hips that go along with it, and a somewhat disproportionately small waist. This usually results in either an unflattering gap at the back of my pants’ waistband or a drooping crotch. Neither a particularly attractive look. I also find that a lot of straight-cut jeans end up being baggy around my knees; I have yet to figure out why that is (and whether it’s attributable to some peculiarity in the anatomy of my knees, or the vagaries of the design process).

Needless to say, my new jeans possess none of these problems. They’re fitted but comfy, and the leg is cut straight but without any knee-adjacent bagginess. The cropped length is perfect for summer, because it allows me to wear flats or high heels without the necessity (and cost) of any hem adjustments, or the relative discomfort of skinny jeans. The best part is the colour – a cool, washed-out grey. It’s ever so slightly reminiscent of 80s acid-washed denim, without being a total throwback. Which will come in handy when the 80s revival trend dies out again (and it needs to, stat!).

I’d never heard of this brand before, so I did some googling and it looks like it has popped up in Oprah magazine before. And you know that if Oprah likes it, it’s a good thing. Or, wait, is that Martha? Anywhoo … I’m keeping an eye to see if I can figure out who carries iT jeans around here, and I will keep you posted.

Here’s a pic (I’m wearing my Taryn Rose flats — still comfy after hours of walking):

There and back

After a couple of whirlwind days, I’m back. Vancouver was gorgeous, though somewhat on the cool side (and I’m not talking about the hipsters). Flowers everywhere, of course. I think all of Edmonton’s showers must be having their effect over there. From the multitude of photos I took, I’m sure that one or two will pop up here in due time.

For now, I can report that the trip had divided success. We found our wedding rings (and they are lovely), we ate to our hearts’ content, but sadly we were disappointed with the shopping across the border. More on that later.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Westward bound

This long weekend, I’m bound for Vancouver with my beloved. We are both so ridiculously excited that it might as well be Christmas. Until recently, we both spent quite a bit of time out west, and we’ve been missing our old haunts. The purpose of our trip is threefold:

1) picking out wedding rings;
2) eating; and

3) shopping

Each of our goals is exciting in itself. Who doesn’t like shopping for jewelry? Not me. My fiancé and I also enjoy eating – really enjoy it – and we’re looking forward to going back to some of our favourite restaurants in Van. Sushi, of course, will be very prominent on our menu, and we’re excited to revisit Kadoya, our fave place on Davie Street. And let’s not forget the cupcakes. Especially not the cupcakes! We also like shopping – I don’t need to tell you how much – and we’ve been making plans for an assault on the American outlets near Seattle for months now. All in all, it should be a perfect getaway.

As it is, I won’t be posting over the weekend, but I will be back on Monday, hopefully happy as a clam … stuffed with sushi and cupcakes. Have a great weekend!