Month: May 2010

Like chocolate, but better

Few things cheer me up more than a good bargain. I mean, I love clothes but I’m also fond of my savings account and the dream of a comfortable retirement. I’ve got a pretty good nose for sales, and I’ve been known to have some luck at the Winners’ clearance racks, but the truly phenomenal finds are few and far between. Which is what makes days like the other Saturday so special.
It didn’t start very promisingly. I woke up far too early, and somehow still managed to fall behind schedule. The prospect of running errands on a beautiful sunny weekend day is not conducive to my good mood, so I may have been a little short with my fiancé. All in all, it wasn’t shaping up to be a good day. On a whim, I decided to drop into one of my two favourite consignment stores in the city, on the off chance that something interesting might have turned up. My last couple of visits had been disappointing, so I didn’t have high expectations. I browsed a few racks half-heartedly and saw nothing of interest. I was on my way out when … I saw it. 

It was just hanging there, oh so nonchalantly, right in front of me. A Diane. 

Let me explain. I became a life-long fan of Diane von Furstenberg the first time I put on one of her wrap dresses. There is nothing like silk jersey. And nothing more comfortable than a wrap dress. I have a few DVF pieces, and I treasure them all the way some women cherish their jewels. 

There, before me, was a beautiful DVF silk top. Delicate flutter sleeves, slight cowl neckline, gorgeous colours. Mint condition. I knew it was going to be mine before I even looked at the price. And when I did – a pleasant surprise. $25. Things were definitely looking up. In fact, the story could have ended there, and I would have been quite happy. But, as it happened, I had a few minutes to kill in the line-up, so I decided to quickly browse one more rack. You never know, right? And that is when I struck real gold. The big jackpot.

A Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2008 runway jacket. Three quarter sleeves, with an asymmetrical neckline and diagonal zipper. Perfect for spring, summer or … well, fall. Basically the entire non-winter Edmonton season. The originally price tag was $388US (eBay is endlessly useful for this kind of information). Mine for only … $45.
It was going to be a great day!

Now if only I can get my hands on a Stella McCartney dress …

Pea green by any other name

Have you ever experienced a flash of inspiration while getting dressed in the morning, only to spend the rest of the day questioning your own audacity? That happened to me the other day. It started with the decision to wear a chartreuse skirt. I think it can be safely said that chartreuse may be classified as both “bold” and “difficult to pull off” – two equally tough categories. I upped the ante by pairing my skirt with electric blue patent pumps. In addition to sharing the same attributes as chartreuse, electric blue has the further distinction of being a “tricky to match” colour. Walking out of the house, I felt rather dashing. As the day went on, though, I began to lose my nerve. The failure of my co-workers to comment on my attire became, in my mind, a silent indictment rather than (as it more likely was) mere indifference. With every random glance directed to the general vicinity of my feet, I felt the need to explain. My confidence was shot. I vowed to stick to safer, more familiar ground in the future. They always say, black goes with everything.

What do you think?

Me Tarzan, you Jane

Some things go together. Love and marriage, for example (or so the song goes). Some things, perhaps less so. Ask a fellow resident about what word best describes Edmonton, Alberta, and “style” is unlikely to make the shortlist. Some call us a “blue collar town”, and not kindly. But that is not to say that fashion has no disciples around here. They exist, and they are a patient, faithful lot; theirs is a fickle mistress, who turns up (fashionably) late as often as not, and sometimes misses the party altogether. 

This blog has no pretensions. It’s about stuff I like, and about “fashion” only insofar as clothes and the like fall under that category. Other than clothes, I love books, desserts, hour-long dramas on CBS, road trips, diet Coke, French hip hop, and Tim Horton’s. Some of those things might pop up on here from time to time, but I’m making no promises (or threats, depending on your inclination). I am turning 30 in three months, for the first and only time. That puts me on the cusp of … something, which I will tell you all about once I figure out what it is. I live in Edmonton, which is somewhere north of any place you’re likely to have heard about, and I have a job that only seems remotely glamorous on TV. Two forsaken blogs aside, my commitment issues, as my soon-to-be-husband would tell you, are not incurable. I am an optimist.

Oh … and the red lipstick bit. Well, it’s like this. At some fundamental level, fashion is aspirational. It’s about the power of clothes (and everything that goes along with ’em) to transform and create an image. Me, I’ve never been able to pull off red lipstick. I just can’t. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t dream about it.

One day, I will be the girl who wears red lipstick.