Month: June 2010

Sunday gimme

Ok, I know this isn’t supposed to be Cute Overload or anything, but I can’t help it. Not when he’s so darn adorable.

They might have taken away his dignity (hair), but they will never take away his moustachios.

I’m sorry. Back to your regularly scheduled programming on Monday, I promise.

Mind the gap

Every time I see this, I become more and more confused:

I feel like I’m missing … something.

Responsible consumerism

A recent article on Jezebel really got me thinking again about my (clothes) shopping habits. In a piece on

Putting an End to Fast Fashion, Jenna Sauers discussed the real cost of so-called “fast fashion” and the ways that consumers can address that. I don’t necessarily agree with everything she writes, but it’s definitely an interesting, thought-provoking article and the comments, as always on Jezebel, are equally thoughtful.

As I have written before, I’m a big fan of both buying less but of higher quality and recycling (i.e. shopping second hand). I do these things for pragmatic rather than purely ethical reasons, though the fact that I am reducing the amount of waste for which I’m personally responsible is a nice bonus. However, I recognize that these are not necessarily options for everyone. As one of the commenters on Jezebel pointed out, plus sizes are hard to come by in both the high end and secondary markets. And some people actively dislike the idea of buying clothes that others have worn before. I’m definitely not an ethical crusader of any sort, but I think it’s an admirable idea to be more conscious about the choices that we, as consumers, make every day and their impact on others and the environment.

Something to think about.