With less than a week to go, the wedding countdown is on. Can you feel my stress, coming through your computer screen, yet? Luckily, some aspects of this very complicated production are actually quite fun. On Saturday, for example, I had my wedding hair and make-up trial. Getting married seems like as good a time as any to live out some style fantasies — like turning back the clock for a retro-inspired look. 
Like Hitchcock, I have a fascination with icy cool blondes. So, of course, my inspiration was:

I think it turned out OK, red hair and all.

I’m having a To Catch a Thief moment here, looking for the ghost of Cary Grant.

2 Comments on Trials and tribulations

  1. I thought it looked great! Very pretty and stylish at the same time. I can’t wait until the wedding when I see the whole look coming together. Will there be a photo on the blog?