The Monday-to-Friday grind never ends. Might as well have fun with your clothes.

Camisole, Jacob Connection; jacket, Diane von Furstenberg;
skirt, winners; shoes, Michael Kors; necklace, Banana Republic.

Another attempt at the blousy tucked-in look. I’m on a roll! This below-the-knee skirt length can be tricky, but I love the overall silhouette when it works out. Very 1940s-inspired. Sky-high heels help, as does a short-waisted/cropped jacket (it balances the extra length at the bottom, so you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a taller person’s clothes). And I decided to try mixing my patterns! The skirt is a subtle plaid, and the top is vaguely floral — and I think they work. Thanks InStyle!

The finishing touch:

A little bit odd, a little bit girly. Come to think of it, that could be my style epitaph, no?

2 Comments on Friday wrap-up

  1. Great outfit! I like the slightly longer skirt – and the patterns work together. It’s like What Not to Wear; put a less bold pattern with a bolder pattern. The plaid looks like solid grey from a distance, so that’s why it works!

    Now you just need to add some socks with your heels, a la In Style…. 😉