Despite my aura of all-knowing-ness (carefully cultivated, thank you very much), there are many fashion-related tasks that stump me. Picking flattering shorts, for example. Others are so intimidating, I don’t even bother trying. That is why, until recently, I never even considered attempting to layer necklaces.The margin of error is so small, after all.
Every time I’d see a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker rocking the heck out of three wildly disparate necklaces, I’d remind myself to get a grip and stick to the basics, lest I end up looking like someone’s crazy old aunt. But now it looks like necklace-layering is here to stay (mixing gold and bright-coloured stones is the latest trend in that direction), so I decided to overcome my fear of failure and give it a try.
First off, let me say that layering your jewelry can be difficult depending on what pieces you have to work with. Not much of what I have immediately lends itself to layering, at least as far as I can tell. A lot of my pieces are what might be called “statement” necklaces — and it takes SJP-sized style cojones to try to mix those (see above). I also don’t have any of those delicate charm necklaces that are probably the most layer-able (new word alert!). I guess I don’t like making things easy for myself. I should also note that I went about this challenge purely on instinct, since I wasn’t able to find a handy guide on the topic, and judged the results by looking in the mirror. Anything not inspiring outright aversion I considered a “pass”.
One of the basic rules I was able to distill from my experiments was that, for beginners, it’s best to work with necklaces that are slightly different lengths, but not overly so. It’s also easier to mix pieces of either similar weights (delicate vs. heavy) or ‘like’ materials (same colour metals, pearls with pearls, etc.), although this is not a must. The more “bulk” you build up through layering, the more dressy the resulting look is likely to be.
Here are some combinations:

So, do you have any tips for layering?