Month: August 2010

Love at first sight

I took a peek at Mulberry’s line for Target, and I am in love. Specifically, with this large satchel (US$50):

I am devastated by the thought that, short of taking my chances on eBay, I will never get close to it. If anyone is planning a trip to the States in the immediate future, you just got yourself a new best friend forevah — just promise me that you’ll pick up one of these beauties for me. I am willing to bribe you with everything I’ve got. A cute cat, perhaps?

OK, maybe not the cat. But anything else, it’s yours.

Friday wrap up

August 18, 2010 – Style Guy Wednesday launch party 
This was kind of a big deal. The launch party was the first true “fashion” event I’ve attended since starting this blog and, obviously, I gave a lot of thought to what I was going to wear. I wanted to look like a person whose thoughts on style and fashion people would be interested in reading. On top of that, stylish people – especially the kind who generally attend fashion events – are a bit intimidating; I get the equivalent of stage fright around them. [Style fright?] Wearing something fabulous helps … well, it’s much better than picturing your audience naked, for one thing.
Initially, I was all for taking a fashion risk. After all, one doesn’t get many chances to push the envelope around here – at least, not when the majority of one’s life revolves around a professional office. But, well … I kinda chickened out a little bit in the end. The lime yellow is punchy, but that’s about the extent of the risk involved with this outfit … unless you count the risk of falling on my face from the great height of those 5 inch heels.

In any case, much fun was had all around. The fashion show was fabulous, the atmosphere rocking (thanks to DJ Echo), and the people-watching engaging – I spotted a striking Carrie Bradshaw/SJP lookalike and a Kelly Cutrone double. [I love Kelly. I wish I knew which network carries her show up here. Anyone?] For a moment, it seemed like we had been transported out of the Prairies and smack dab into the middle of NYC. You can’t ask for more.

A question from the audience

In response to my earlier post about key fall items, a reader inquired about tips for shopping for a leather jacket. Good question! First off, I would say that a leather jacket is definitely one of those items to which the rule of “buy the best that you can afford” applies. Realistically though, you are looking at a minimum $150 investment — and that’s if you luck into a really good sale. As I mentioned before, the fit is really key. I prefer shorter/cropped styles because I think they tend to flatter most body types, and also because I have an irrational dislike for the blazer-style leather jacket. I love the motorcycle jacket because you can throw it over jeans and a T-shirt as easily as over a summer dress — it gives girly clothes a bit of an edge. But regardless of the style you prefer, the jacket should be well-tailored — no excess bulkiness. Some styles are meant to be boxier, but even so make sure that it’s not overdone. The leather jacket should, ideally, fit you like a second skin. 

Here is a classic black style that will go with pretty much anything:

  Michael Michael Kors US$250

Notice that the jacket nips in at the waist ever so slightly, but just enough to give a clean line.

This is a slightly more rugged look — love the rich cognac colour:

 Danier $299

This is a boxier style, but it’s still not bulky.

I mentioned that I loved bright colours, and here is  good example (it appears to be available online, though I have not seen it in stores):

 Danier $139

And if you’re a little more adventurous, you can try something like this:

 BCBG US$448

One thing to keep in mind is that leather jackets require care. You may want to apply a protective spray — after all, the “elements” around here can be a little rough — and always make sure you use the right products to clean your jacket.

Since I am by no means a leather jacket expert, I decided to seek the counsel of wiser minds on the topic. So I asked Style Guy — my go-to source for fashion and style answers to questions that stump even me. Here is how he sums it all up:

“A leather jacket is a classic piece and one that only gets better as it is worn over time.  When selecting the perfect leather jacket for you it is important to consider your body type, the length of the jacket, the collar and of course the colour and quality of the leather.  A longer (think peacoat length) jacket for example is very different from a bomber-style or motorcycle cut leather jacket.  The jacket should flatter your form and leave you with clean lines and confidence.  If this is going to be your only one, stay away from anything too trendy or wild in terms of colour, but do not be afraid to invest a bit of money.  A good quality leather jacket can cost between $450 and $750 or upwards of $1200 depending on the designer and quality of the leather.  Whichever jacket you decide on in the end, make sure it reflects your personality and looks good and fits properly. – be fabulous.  style guy.”
So there you have it, dear Anonymous. Good luck with your search!
And if you have a question, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments or send it to