On Friday, I’m heading out to the kind of event that’s guaranteed to make anyone second-guess their sartorial choices. It’s the five-year reunion of my university graduating class. It’s a pretty casual affair – appetizers and beers at our old faculty – but any time you get a roomful of professionals together, you never know what the dress code is going to call for. The key is to be neither too casual nor over-dressed, but still look cool in a completely unselfconscious kind of way. A tall order? No doubt. 

I decided to take a page out of Cameron Diaz’s book – the girl knows how to do red carpet-ready casual like nobody else. What better inspiration? I loved this look from the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards:

The distressed jeans might be a liiittle bit too much for a get-together with former classmates (although I will definitely try this look with my fave new American Eagle ripped skinny jeans for a date night), but the rest of it is bang on. My own polka dot top has a smaller pattern, but I think it could still work.

On the other hand, Cameron Diaz is also (justly) famous for her legs. And why not when they go on for miles?

Although my gams don’t go quite as far, I’m not afraid to pull out a mini every now and then.

So, what do you think … which look should I bust out on Friday? Have your say in the comments!

4 Comments on Opinion poll

  1. I like the second look – it’s a little dressier than the first look and seems to say “successful professional” much more than the first look. And when you’re going to a reunion of your peers, you definitely want to say that you’re a successful professional!

  2. Thank you all!

    Thanks to a new belt, I will be ‘tworking’ another (short) dress for the party tonight. Hopefully it will send the right message – “Look, Ma, how far my legs go.” That, or something or other about being successful. Haha!