In life, it’s important to have goals … or so my mother told me. When it comes to fashion, a similar principle applies. Some things – maybe a particular handbag, maybe a particular designer – stand above all others as the epitome of one’s idealistic aspirations: the style equivalent of winning the lottery. Improbable – perhaps; impossible – hopefully not always.
Needless to say, goals are as individual as the people who cherish them. My friend E. loves the Cartier Trinity ring. I don’t blame her.
Another friend would love to get her hands on a classic Burberry trench, while a third has designs on an Hermes scarf. Goals can also change – with time, with evolving tastes, and even with success in meeting previous goals. I’ve admired any number of beautiful things over the years; some I still do, some I don’t, and some I’ve now got. My aspirations frequently seem to revolve around bags; this is not surprising, given that I’m a self-confessed “bag lady”. At the moment, however, I’m rather conflicted; on one hand, there is the classic Chanel 2.55:
On the other hand, there is YSL’s The Muse:
Or the modern classic, Gucci’s new take on its bamboo bag:

Hmm … who knew that choosing a goal could be so difficult? Of course, it’s fun-difficult — like trying to figure out how to spend that $50 million you’re going to win at LottoMax any day now.
It’s always a special occasion when a style ideal is realized. Recently, I found out that one of my colleagues was celebrating just such occasion, having completed her shoe trifecta. My colleague is well-known around the office as a shoe lover, and it’s only natural that her ambition would run to acquiring the handiwork of 3 of today’s most famous “shoemakers”: Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Louboutin. It took her a little more than two years, but she did it. Though a labour of love, her quest was not without practical considerations; the shoes she bought are eminently sensible choices – classic colours, classic styles, elegant and work appropriate. 
The Louboutins:

The Manolos:

And the Choos:

Although I am a devoted Loubs girl (well, in my LottoMax dreams, anyway), those patent leather Choos are to-die-for. All in all, definitely worth the wait, I would say.

So, what are your fashion aspirations? Share in the comments 🙂