Month: September 2010

Love, love, love

This is turning into one of my favourite seasons, fashion-wise. So many beautiful clothes are turning up in the pages of fashion magazines, it’s almost impossible to keep up. As always, of course, the key is to take the inspiration and make it workable for a not-so-haute budget and lifestyle. Here are a few of the pieces I’m obsessed by at the moment – and the targets of my fall shopping campaign.

Fair Isle sweaters (and knits generally) are having a “big moment” right now, and the ones presented at D&G’s 2010 fall ready-to-wear show are just gorgeous. For once, a trend that would be super practical in Alberta’s climate – what do you know! I can’t wait for some of the “high street” retailers to come out with their interpretation.

Jackets with architectural collars are not exactly a trend (too much of a mouthful, for one), but I’ve found myself gravitating towards them a great deal these days. Don’t worry, I’m not forsaking my cardigans just yet. I guess I’m ready for some variety though … and this Anthropologie boiled wool jacket is drool-worthy – I loooove the mustard colour. I guess I’ll be haunting the sales racks at Anthro for a while …

Terrace House jacket

I’m not a huge fan of Victorian-style jewelry, but I can’t resist anything with bows … so it makes perfect sense that I would fall for this Swarovski piece:

Swarovski Mimosa necklace

For the sake of my wallet, and my sanity, I hope that Spring 2011 sees another 80s revival and a little less temptation for your truly. But by the looks of the runways at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, that isn’t likely. Oh dear!

Inspiration strikes

While I was browsing through the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week photo galleries last week, I came across this look from DKNY’s Spring 2011 line. 

Compared to some of the looks on the MBFW runways, this outfit is short on bells and whistles, but it has class – in spades. The colour palette is simple but it works together so well. The lines are clean, minimalist. Most runway looks might as well come with a “don’t try this at home” sticker, but this is eminently adaptable to real life.

There can be any number of ways in which this look can be re-interpreted, and it all depends on what pieces you have to work with. I don’t have camel pants in my wardrobe (yet), but I do have a black pair; so, I decided to switch the colour polarity – put the dark colour on the bottom and light colour on top.

The outfit bears little similarity to its inspiration, but the point is not necessarily to be literal. Like the original, it’s streamlined and has a flavour of menswear about it (the buttoned up shirt), which is softened up by the shoes (girly Mary Janes). 

Moving even further afield, I switched to a beige skirt as the key piece, keeping the same shoes and adding a boyfriend blazer for the feminine/masculine contrast. I actually wish the skirt was a liiiittle bit shorter, because it would work even better with the blazer. 

If I gave it some more thought, I could probably come up with another half dozen or so additional outfits using the same colour palette and minimalist approach, and pieces already hanging in my closet. That’s the fun (and economical) part about taking inspiration from the fashion runways (or magazines) and “shopping” your own closet – getting to exercise your creativity without spending a dime. Next to a good book, one of the best ways to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Michael Kors

You know it had to end this way. The last MBFW post goes to one of my fave designers, Michael Kors. I love his take on “modern American woman” style, and I appreciate the bring-it-to-the-masses philosophy behind the diffusion line – especially the accessories! For Spring 2011, the runway offered an interesting mix of women- and menswear … often on the same model. There was a definitely relaxed vibe to many of the pieces, even though a lot of them were new takes on very classic pieces.

This is one of Kors’ trademark sheath dresses, which I always love. It’s such a beautiful silhouette. I’m not sure about the accessories though. I like the look of the belt, but not with this dress. The hat and flat sandals… hmmm.

Michael Kors Spring 2011 ready-to-wear (via Jezebel)

The volume of this skirt might be a bit much for anyone with non-model hips, but I love the overall aesthetic – especially the high waist on the pencil skirt. The vaguely Astro-turfy texture, I can probably do without. But how awesome is that crisp white shirt!

Michael Kors Spring 2011 ready-to-wear (via Jezebel)

This, on the other hand, I’m not sure about. Those, um, bottoms look kind of itchy … But I definitely need to get a blue shirt – it really goes with everything!

Michael Kors Spring 2011 ready-to-wear (via Jezebel)
I’ve always been curious about leather skirts. How do they feel? Are they as high maintenance as they look?

Michael Kors Spring 2011 ready-to-wear (via Jezebel)

This, on the other hand, looks pretty comfy. 
Michael Kors Spring 2011 ready-to-wear (via Jezebel)
What?! All in a day’s work …