As much as I hate to admit it, winter is practically here. It’s not so much around the corner as right across the street and about to jaywalk your way. It’s strange how every year Edmontonians go through the same adjustment process at the first sign of snow – disbelief, indignation, resignation, defeat. You’d think we would be prepared given our accumulated experience, but it seems that we all suffer from collective short-term memory loss. 
You know how I know that it’s time for snow? Halloween. Forget costumes; it’s time to bring out the big puffy jacket. I’ve tried holding off on that as long as possible this year, but I fear I’m not going long into November. However, I’m not ready to fully concede just yet; I’m going to wear a dress, flu season be damned!
Dress, Banana Republic Monogram; belt, Club Monaco;
scarf, Winners; shoes, Stuart Weitzman.

OK, so a few small concessions to the climate are necessary, hence the long sleeves and tights. The dress has something of a ‘Victorian spinster’ feel to it – which I  actually kind of love – so, to mitigate, some colour is required. And what’s “sunnier” than yellow? Just what this vitamin D-deprived Edmontonian needs.

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