Month: October 2010

The style sessions – coming soon

A while ago, I sent out a call for volunteers willing to take on a style consultation with yours truly. The response has been encouraging – a big thank you to everyone who put their names in the hat – so watch out for the results in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, a few words on the process. While this is still a bit of a work in progress, there are three parts to a consultation, BCRL-style. First, a short meet-and-greet, which lets me get to know the consultee (new word of the day) a little bit better – her style goals (including what she wants to accomplish through this process), style preferences, shopping style, etc. Second, a closet review, which gives me a chance to go over the person’s current wardrobe with her and assess what’s there for us to work with. For some, the closet review will involve putting together existing pieces in new ways (a good way to revitalize a wardrobe) or refining the person’s existing style; for others, identifying missing pieces needed to complete certain looks or styles; and, sometimes, both. Third comes the shopping experience. Not everyone will want or need to go shopping with me, but for those who are interested, I would put together a shopping “itinerary” designed to assist in filling some of the gaps we might have identified in the person’s current wardrobe, or simply to offer the experience of shopping with a second pair of friendly, but honest, eyes.
Needless to say, I am very excited by the possibilities … and I can truly say that the process so far has been a ton of fun! My first consultee was Laura – check out the first part of her style adventures with me, which will be posted on Tuesday. 

Friday wrap up

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, 
How does your garden grow?

While there is much debate about the origins of this little nursery rhyme, I can definitively say this: if Mary is a model in D&G’s Spring 2011 show, her garden grows quite nicely. I particularly approve of the hydrangeas.

D&G Spring 2011 (via Jezebel)

I would not be vastly exaggerating if I were to say that I would be happy with this set permanently installed in my back yard. I could then start hosting weekly English tea parties and amateur productions of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. [I would play Helena. I always wanted to play Helena (and didn’t get to in junior high), a feeling reinforced by the 1999 film adaptation in which Christian Bale played Demetrius. In some part of my pop culture psyche, CB will always be Laurie – the man Jo March should have married. But that’s another story.] Life would be a ball.

In the meantime, I was no less happy to settle for this recently purchased Zara dress.

Dress, Zara; blazer, RW & Co.; necklace, Banana Republic;
flats, Joe Fresh.

If I learned anything from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it’s that florals will continue to be a hot trend next year. I bought this dress last weekend in hopeful anticipation of an early spring (hah!), but also knowing that it could be worked for fall. Tights are fine for now, but leggings and boots can easily substitute once the temperature dips. Given the style of the dress, it can also be worn, belted, as a top/tunic. Gotta love multi-functional clothes!