Month: October 2010

Drum roll please ….

The winner of readers’ contest is:


I should point out that, no, Oana and I are not related. For her prize, she has selected this piece:

Hope you enjoy it! And feel free to submit a picture showing us how you decide to wear it.
Many thanks again to everyone for checking out the blog, and for all your kind words (and comments). In the unforgettable words of Ms. Sally Field – “You like me! You really like me!!”
Ditto, dear readers. Ditto.

Street style

I may be biased, but I think this is pretty fabulous.
Name: Val
Occupation: engineer
Style inspiration: modern chic without the trends
Details: skirt, Talbots; flats, Tahari; jacket, Winners; top, Smartset; necklace, Winners.
Yup, my mom is one stylish lady these days. As her stylist/personal shopper, I will take some of the credit for that (and for weaning her off of “mom jeans”) … though, as she pointed out, she’s the one who put this outfit together from the pieces we picked. Taking risks with colour – sniff, I’m so proud of her!

Project October

Last week, I mentioned my new “thrift” project – for one month, buying only those articles of clothing or accessories that I can wear at least three different ways.
Next up on the shopping block: a scarf (Winners, $14.99). I was irresistibly drawn to its exuberant print, and even though I remain somewhat intimidated by scarves, I just had to have it. While I do own a few shawls, this is my first proper scarf, so only time will tell how wise of an investment this will be in terms of wearability. Luckily, the bright colours make this a cinch to accessorize – 3 ways is only the beginning.

Look #1 – casual

Look #2 – work

Look #3 – weekend brunch

I was so taken by the print of the scarf that I couldn’t resist  using it as inspiration.