I admit … I had been getting complacent. Growing out a short cut is a long and weary process, and a year and a half into it, I don’t have much enthusiasm left for it. So I’ve been slacking in the hair style-department. I haven’t had a trim in months, much less anything resembling a haircut. My bangs, in particular, were driving me nuts; I had toyed with the idea of growing them out, only to remember that I have what Tyra calls a fivehead. So, I was in bangs-limbo.
No more!! I got a haircut! And some new bangs – cheaper than Botox!

Thanks Mikka!!

5 Comments on The New Look

  1. Hot! Turning 30 also inspired me to hide forehead lines with bangs – not so easy when you’ve got cowlicks from one side of the head to the other!