The Screen Actors’ Guild Awards were handed out last night, and there didn’t seem to be too many surprises in the major movie categories. Both Colin Firth and Natalie Portman continue their awards season domination with respective “best actor/actress” wins … which makes me wonder if we will get to see any surprises come Oscar night. But let’s turn to the red carpet, shall we?

Oh, Natalie Portman! I sympathize, I really do. Pregnancy must pose difficulties even for a red carpet queen, I know, but is there any excuse for this bed sheet-y Azzaro gown?  I like simplicity but this look is putting me to sleep – literally. Look at (the very pregnant) Jane Krakowski; her sparkly Badgley Mischka cocktail-length dress was fun and sassy. At least Natalie did not scrimp on the bling – to the tune of $2 million worth of Tiffany & Co. jewels.

Nicole Kidman‘s Nina Ricci gown was a bit of a “one step forward, one step back” proposition. On one hand, it was more interesting than her Golden Globes pick. On the other hand, it struck me as somewhat ill-fitting, especially in head-on shots. This side view shows off the details of the dress better, including the lovely lace back, but it’s still a long way from vintage Kidman show-stopper, in my opinion.
Much like her choice at the Golden Globes, Amy Adams‘ Herve L. Leroux dress left me cold. It’s so … blah. I don’t like the bandage-looking details of the bodice, and I question the styling (especially the hair). I actually preferred her in navy, which at least brought out her gorgeous coloring.

Mila Kunis continues to impress! Her Alexander McQueen dress was by far my favourite of all our awards season style pool contenders’ picks last night. I loved the romantic feel of the dress and the print was a bold choice that, in my opinion, paid off. Mila looked stunning in red.
It appears that Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway were MIA for the event, so unfortunately there are no photos for review. I will have to adjust the style pool accordingly. Stay tuned!
And my overall favourite look of the night … is a tough call. I wasn’t truly bowled over by any of the gowns on the red carpet, but if I have to pick, it would be Lea Michele‘s Oscar de la Renta dress. I love how effortlessly elegant it looks – a nice departure from some of Lea’s past red carpet statements, which have sometimes been a little on the grandiose side. I would love to have seen Anne Hathaway in this dress … alas!

I also have to confess that I have a bit of a secret liking for January Jones‘ Carolina Herrera mermaid-style gown. Maybe it’s my weakness for lace, but I found it to be a risky, yet intriguing pick. A good choice on a red carpet that was otherwise pretty safe and not particularly memorable; people will be talking about this dress, for sure. A part of me does wish the lace was a colour other than gold (and I’m not totally sold on the hair), but this is still a huge improvement over her Golden Globes “naughty hula girl” moment.
As for my worst pick, it was a tie again – this time, between Dianna Agron’s navy Chanel and Angie Harmon’s feathery Monique Lhuillier. As for the latter, my first thought was “Big Bird’s stripper fairy wedding dress” and my second “it’s been done before, and better”. Sorry Angie!
As for Dianna’s tea-length pick, something about the satin-y trim at the neckline and the bow just bugged me.They looked – dare I say it? – a little bit cheap. The horror!

Your thoughts?

4 Comments on The awards season style pool: SAG Awards score card

  1. I also really liked Tina Fey’s red dress – i thought the bodice detail was really pretty. Mila Kunis wins for me – the dress looks effortlessly elegant and carefree at the same time.

  2. I both agree and disagree with your selections. Natalie Portman was boring, but given all the hate she got for the cute rose last time, I’m not surprised she went with something uber-simple.

    Mila Kunis looked amazing. Her look from the Globes was completely different yet she looks stunning in both. I liked Amy Adams’ dress, I just wish it was in a different colour. Nicole Kidman’s dress was nice, if a bit fussy. January Jones had a nice dress but terrible hair. I also enjoyed Tina Gey’s dress too – a nice departure for her. A dress that I liked was Winona Rider’s dress. However, it did not fit around her chest at all, and her hair looked terrible.

    I disagree with the worst dressed: I like Angie Harmon’s dress – I love those very feminine and sweet romantic confections. When else do you get to wear that sort of dress? Loved it. And I thought Dianna Agron looked very pretty – certainly a lot better than Lea Michele. I just don’t like how that top is cut to totally de-emphasize her chest – it doesn’t seem to fit right and it looks like it might slide off at any moment.

    My two least favourite dresses were Eva Longoria and Christina Hendricks. Eva looks like she has a skirt on, but then flung some strips of toilet paper around her neck for a top. It is unflattering. And the usually lovely Christina looks like she’s in some kind of sparkly bathrobe and has too much eyeliner on. She’s a lovely girl with an amazing figure and gorgeous hair: she needs to dress in something more simple that lets her natural beauty shine through.

  3. Mila gets another vote from me. I love the silhouette of January Jones’s dress, although I think it might have been a little more elegant as an off-the-shoulder style. I’m also not totally keen on the black/gold combination – it’s a little too “Mafia widow” for me. I think a classic black-lace-over-nude look would have been a better choice, or even a tone-on-tone colour. I love the soft hair and make-up though.

  4. The rankings for the SAG awards:

    Mila Kunis: +5
    Nicole Kidman: +3
    Natalie Portman: +2
    Amy Adams: +2
    Anne Hathaway: N/A
    Michelle Williams: N/A