I haven’t done a “favourite things” list in a while, mostly because for the latter part of the past year I really wasn’t all that fond of many things; I can thank pregnancy hormones for that. But as I have been slowly getting back my energy (and my will to get out of bed), it’s time to look around and see what’s new and lust-worthy in the world of fashion.
Let me start by saying that, as far as my personal shopping goes, pregnancy has definitely started to affect my habits. I simply can’t get excited about clothes the way I used to – unless we’re talking ‘roomy’ dresses. I have no idea what shape my body’s going to be in a few months, and still less in a year, which is a pretty strong disincentive when it comes to investing any considerable amount into new clothes. I have already had to deal with the heartbreak of having to “purge” my closet of all the clothes I can’t and won’t be wearing for the foreseeable future (needless to say, most of them are favourites of mine), and I can’t imagine buying more clothes only to the same end. But enough about my woes. The point is that, for now, the things I get really excited about are accessories. So it’s no surprise that two of my current favourite things fall into that category.
I’ve been really into gold lately (as opposed to my usual preference for silver), and I fell in love with this simple, plain gold ring from Links.
When it comes to jewelry, I veer from one extreme to the other – delicate to big ‘n gaudy – but as I get older I find that I tend to steer more and more towards classic, understated pieces that are something of a long-term investment. Don’t get me wrong; I still love my costume jewelry. But I’ve been thinking more and more about building a “collection” that, some day, might be passed on down to another generation. A piece like this is a good start. [And I have to give a shout-out to Links, because they have decent sales from time to time, which make this sort of thing a lot more feasible for the average gal.]
In keeping with my theme, I’m also loving the gold hardware (and everything else) on my new Marc Jacobs hobo bag.
This was another one of those phenomenal consignment finds I keep telling you about ($85!). It’s a totally different look for me – as I’ve been gravitating towards structured bags for years now – but it’s got the roominess and versatility I need from an everyday bag. I wasn’t sure about the cream colour to begin with; if I had my pick, I would never have thought to buy a light colour bag – not only for fear of smudges and stains, but also because I’ve been conditioned to think that black (or brown) bags are the most versatile. Well, I can tell you that I was wrong. I’ve worn this bag practically every day for the past month or so, and it really does go with everything! As for cleaning, I haven’t encountered any major stains yet, but I am still looking for a good leather cleaner, so if anyone has recommendations, please let me know.
Turning now to the realm of wishful thinking.

It all started with this street shot of Cameron Diaz. I can only dream of looking so effortlessly put-together on my casual “running-errands” days.

I know those cotton candy-colour skinny jeans will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think I’m in love with them. Not sure I could pull them off myself, (bump or no bump) but kudos to Cammie all the same. And, in addition to looking fab, she’s also on trend; it looks like skinny jeans in bright colours are going to be hot this season. I’m crazy about this sneek peek at Zara’s take on the trend – love, love, love the orange!  I just wish skinny jeans could be in my foreseeable future, but alas! I’m going to have to live vicariously through the rest of you. Make me proud, ladies! Again, bright contrasting colours are in, so don’t be afraid to go a little wild.

One thing I never thought I’d catch myself saying is … I’m crazy about sequins right now! Not those garish, in-your-face sequins that you might find at places like Forever 21, but their stylish, understated cousin (twice removed). I’m especially loving the clear sequins at Club Monaco right now – all in pale, neutral shades (light grey, peach, cream). At a lower price point, Joe Fresh is also bringing in some sparkle, with cute tone-on-tone sequin tanks in rose, brown and olive (only $19). 

Last but not least, Chanel has done it again. Their new limited edition nail polish has me wishing I wasn’t such a cheapskate. when it comes to my beauty products. It’s called Black Pearl, and it’s just the right amount of edgy and elegant. What do you think?

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