These days, I’m sad to say that my closet is starting to look a sorry sight. So as to avoid any painful reminders, I have been slowly winnowing my wardrobe of pieces I’m growing (and growing) out of, and with the exception of the muumuu section, the rack is looking ever more sparse. Pants were the first to go, and with few regrets on my part since I’ve never been much of a pants-person; I do miss my regular jeans, but I’ve been making do with 2 pairs of maternity pants instead. Choosing what to wear, when it’s pants-day, is a very simple affair nowadays.
My skirts were another story. I love skirts; I wear (or, rather, used to wear) them at least 3 or 4 days a week. I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing suits to the office, so skirts and cardigans are something of a uniform of mine. And pencil skirts are (or, rather, were) my best friends. Not so much anymore. Even if I can still zip them up, I look like a snake still working on its lunch – not the kind of silhouette for which I want to be known. From about a dozen of (well-loved) skirts, I’m now down to 3 … and losing ground quickly. Funnily enough, one skirt that I rarely used to wear has become my saviour. It’s a black paper-bag style BCBG skirt that belts high and hides a multitude of sins in its roomy folds. Its relative bagginess was the main reason I used to by-pass it before, when my love affair with pencil skirts was still in full bloom. But I’ve come to really appreciate its versatility … and learned to deal with its drawbacks.

The main advantage is, of course, the fact that it still fits. It’s actually a very flattering style for anyone concerned about their mid-section or hips. An above-the-knee length helps to highlight legs and downplay any potential dowdiness. On the other hand, the higher waist (which doesn’t lie flat against the body) combined with the volume of the skirt requires careful balancing in the rest of the outfit. A regular length cardigan or jacket is out of the question, since it will hit the skirt at its widest point, making the wearer look dumpy. You have to go with a cropped length. Similarly, anything too voluminous on top (be it a looser top or heavier knit) also won’t work. Despite all these criteria, I have become quite adept at making my “paper bag” work. Take a look!

More excitingly, I recently stumbled across another miracle skirt at Winners. It’s a whimsical Pink Tartan piece that seems to have fallen through the cracks; it had been knocked down from $129.99 to $9! Maybe those appliques are not for everyone, but I think they add just the right touch of fun to my maternity wardrobe. At last!!
Oh, and in case you were wondering about the skirt’s miraculous powers – bump-concealing powers, that is – wonder no more:

4 Comments on The last hurrah

  1. You look great! I wouldn’t even know you were pregnant, and I think that paper bag skirt works well on you even without the bump.
    As an aside, if you’re looking for a good home for your pencil skirts, I think they would be very happy in Vancouver…

  2. Hahaha!! I’m not giving up hope just yet … though this time next year might be a different story. But it’s funny, in the week or so since I took this photo, that bump suddenly became a lot more pronounced. I don’t think anyone would be wondering “is she? isn’t she?” now …