Month: August 2011

Heavy metal

I’ve been not-so-secretly lusting after Chanel nail polishes for years now, starting waaaay back in the day when the label kicked off the “It nail polish” trend with Vamp. [Google tells me that happened in 1994. The fact that was almost 20 years ago blows my mind. Back then, I was watching My So-Called Life and Clooney-era ER; now, I’m watching True Blood. It’s a testament to Vamp’s timelessness that it is still “of the moment” even after all that time.] Ever since, Chanel has been setting nail polish trends every season. Its limited edition shades are always quickly duplicated by other brands; remember the “greige” mania from last year? It all started with Chanel’s Particuliere. There is apparently a whole market for Chanel “dupes”, a good benchmark for the popularity of the original.

For my part, after nearly two decades, I finally succumbed to the temptation after spotting one of the new Fall 2011 shades in the August Elle Canada. A bronze-flecked gold-green colour (the technical term is “duochrome”) called Peridot, it’s reminiscent of a scarab beetle. I’m not usually a fan of metallic nail polish, because I find most versions look garish against my skin tone, but I was smitten with this shade – and perhaps swayed a little by the name (peridot is my birthday month stone). I got lucky at the Southgate Bay Chanel counter, where I managed to snag their last bottle of Peridot. [Thanks again to my lovely husband, who enabled my splurge. He’s the best!]

Here is a peek:

I have to admit that my exposure has made me something of a convert to Chanel nail polish. The price – admittedly pretty steep ($27) – is definitely mitigated by the quality. The polish goes on super smooth (like buttah!), and dries quickly and flawlessly. [Above, I used two coats, which is my usual habit.] A week and countless diapers later – no chips. As much as I have been partial in the past to Essie nail polishes (and, to a lesser extent, Rimmel), I have to say that the Chanel is a stand-out. I don’t wear nail polish very often, but I am debating going back to grab a couple more shades. I just have to find a way to rationalize another splurge, tee hee!

For anyone interested in joining me in that exercise, Chanel’s other Fall 2011 shades are Graphite and Quartz. But beware: they’re selling out fast.

Back … and introducing …

As you, dear readers, know, the BCRL family was set to expand this summer … and we did. I am thrilled to write that baby Luka made his swift (and punctual) debut in the early morning hours of July 20, to the great excitement of his parents and extended family. He’s turning into a bit of a charmer already with, I am assured by his dad, strong footballer legs on him.

The surprises – the good (most of them), the not so good (hello, sleep deprivation), and the stinky (I won’t go into details) – have kept on coming over the past month, but everyone is slowly getting into the swing of things now. Case in point: the family made its first official outing last weekend … all the way to Southgate Mall, where our little guy had the ladies at the Bay make-up counters going gaga. I told you he was a charmer! For my part, I was thrilled to be out of the house and around adults again, if only for an hour or so. [Plus, I got to enjoy a special treat at the Chanel counter, but more on that later.] But the best part? Fulfilling my vow to burn my maternity pants. OK, they only got trashed, but with a vengeance. So it still counts.

Luka, making his BCRL debut, and mom, making her way back to her regular clothes:

Shirt, Marc Jacobs; jeans, American Eagle; flats, Nine West;
bag, Coach 
[Luka is wearing a Joe Fresh onesie] 

See you all around!