So, by now, you might be saying to yourself, “Hey, isn’t this supposed to be a style/fashion blog?” and pondering the glaring recent absence of, well, just that. In my defence, I will say this: when people tell pregnant women bemoaning their expanded waistlines that their children’s birth will provide a weight loss bonanza of unmatched proportions, what they don’t say is that, pounds aside, things are not quite the same afterwards. At least not immediately. At least not for those of us lacking round-the-clock trainers and a PR agency on speed dial. Me, I am trying to be pragmatic (and still have my cupcake) and I’m choosing to focus more on things that don’t require me to pay too close attention to body parts that are now much jigglier than they used to be. [I believe the technical term is “wobbly bits”, per Bridget Jones. By the way, did you know that they’re making a third movie? Anything that gets Colin Firth on my screen can never be a truly bad thing, but really? Has Hollywood learned nothing from Sex and the City 2: Debacle in Dubai?] So, basically, there might be slightly less clothes talk on the blog, at least for a little while. 

While my interest in clothes is somewhat minimal these days, that is not equally true when it comes to accessories. In the last little while, I’ve gone accessory-crazy. Well, that shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise; I’ve been a “bag lady” for a long, long time, after all. And after 9 months of wearing flats, I have a terrible hankering for heels, though I have to be careful with this one. Wearing heels might be a skill like riding bicycles, but one still needs an adjustment period after a long hiatus. As for jewelry – you know I’m a sucker for anything that sparkles. And hey, at least it doesn’t require me to consider the logistics of hoisting up and tucking in things that never required an advanced degree in engineering before. Ahem.

First things first, though. And that means bags. 

My (31st for anyone counting) birthday last month was something of a non-starter, seeing as it came up smack dab in the middle of my “new parent” panic period. I had, to say the least, other things on my mind (including working overtime to not lose my mind). Luckily, I had the foresight to take care of at least one thing – my birthday present to moi – ahead of time. I’d been saving up my pennies for months in anticipation of my next bag acquisition, so this was a no-brainer. I just had to find the right bag. I was initially planning to “go big”, but the pennies took a while to add up, and in the meantime I stumbled across the Kate Spade website. At the time, I was in the midst of a mad obsession with aquamarine. So I was immediately drawn to this bag:
Kate Spade Vanston Small Mary Clare

In addition to the colour, I love its classic, simple design, and I’m a big fan of the leather used in Kate Spade bags, which I find wears extremely well. The only downside was the handle drop; the bag can’t easily be worn over the shoulder, which makes it somewhat less practical. 

Browsing the website (always a dangerous thing), I came across another bag with potential:

Kate Spade Grand Street Small Gabriel

The big plus was the fact that it was on sale. The colour was not quite the “Tiffany blue” that I was after, but it looked promising. Better yet, the handles were longer, and it had an awesome paisley print lining. The size was a bit smaller than I usually like, but it did have internal compartments that would help with organization. The sticking point, ultimately, was the colour. To give you a better sense of the difference, the Vanston was closer to the colour of my nails in the photo below (Essie, “Turquoise and Caicos”), and the Gabriel was a lighter shade of the scarf colour.
I hemmed and hawed over which bag to pick for a few days, enlisting friends and family in an informal poll to help me decide. After finally pulling the trigger, I still had some residual doubts about my choice while waiting for my booty to be delivered.  This was unusual for me, because I rarely second-guess my choices, once made (regardless of how long the choosing process might be). Happily, all ended well; once the bag reveal day arrived, I was very pleased with the newest addition to my collection.

So … think you can guess which bag I picked?

3 Comments on Cherchez la bag

  1. I vote for the lighter blue, Gabriel purse. The longer handles and inner compartments really ‘speak’ to my practical nature. And, it is still a very lovely purse.


  2. I vote for the small “Mary Clare” bag. I love the colour (perfect Tiffany blue!) and its sweet and stylish shape. Retro, yet modern and crsip. That’s the one I’d go, for at any rate. (Should I ever be so lucky as to afford anything by Kate Spade. Her clothes and shoes are super gorgeous as well.)

  3. I’m guessing you picked the second one with the longer handles for the practicality. It’s hard to manage a bag you can’t get over your shoulder but I love the intensity of the colour of the first one.