It’s fair to say that, of all the new trends, the one I’m most obsessed with is the Peter Pan collar. It popped up in a few of the fall collections, most notably at Louis Vuitton, who also came out with this gorgeous necklace version:

I haven’t had a chance to find a blouse with a true Peter Pan collar just yet, so I’ve been thinking of new ways to wear the one blouse already in my closet, which has a sort of modified version of this collar. It’s a hand-me-down from my mom – a silk, sleeveless blouse from Holt Renfrew, which (I am pretty sure) my mom ‘rescued’ from a Value Village or Goodwill, and which in turn I rescued from her closet once she stopped wearing it.
The chain-link print is a little bit old fashioned, but it works if worn in a retro-ironic sort of way popular these days – paired, say, with long pearls and a pair of jeans in a sort of hat tip to the past. I wanted to try a different approach, and go for a more tomboy-ish effect with a crew-neck sweater and a pair of skinnies. Since I haven’t had any luck yet this season finding a sweater to match my requirements, I tried the look with a cardigan. I think it still works.

I also tried the same combo with my new Abercrombie and Fitch skinny jeans because, well, they’re really super comfortable, and I’ve been wearing the heck out of them lately. [Never thought I’d say that about anything related to A&F, but I am so glad I overcame my prejudices and picked up this pair at Red Pony Consignment. Lesson learned: don’t judge a pair of jeans by the obnoxious marketing.]

What do you think about the return of the collar?

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