I know I am probably very late to this particular bandwagon, but having seen it a lot recently in various magazines and blogs, I decided I had to give the “accent nail” manicure a try. What am I talking about, you ask?

When it comes to my manicure, I am generally a pretty conservative gal. A French manicure (as un-stylish as it is these days among the nail cognoscenti) is what I sport most days, courtesy of my nail technician who transforms my mangy digits into something presentable thanks to the miracle of gel nails. I would occasionally add a couple of coats of polish if I was in a particular whimsical mood. Things are now changing; my new obsession with Chanel nail polish has motivated me to invest a lot more time into my mani-routine (so many colours to try!), and to take some risks too. So, whereas before it would not have crossed my mind to wear two different colours of polish at once, that is precisely what I’ve been experimenting with recently. Specifically, painting all but two nails (typically the ring fingers) in one colour, and the remaining in another (the accent nails).

Usually, people tend to go for colours in the same family, which creates a more subtle effect. I wanted to try something a little bit more daring for my first attempt, so I decided to pick my colours the way I would if I were trying to put together an outfit. Red is a perfect accent colour when it comes to clothes, so I decided to use it on my accent nail. I wanted a neutral colour for the rest of the mani, and my old favourite – greige – seemed a great fit.

I loved the overall effect, and can’t wait to try more combinations. 

For this experiment, I used Chanel nail polishes from my quickly expanding Collection: Dragon and Particuliere. For a similar look, if you have very fair skin like me, you could also try Essie’s Russian Roulette and Mink Muffs.

For me, this is a great alternative to the same old, same old manicure. I’m not sure that the more dramatic combinations would fly in a conservative work environment, but something a little more subtle might pass muster. After all, the possibilities are endless.

What do you think – would you try it?

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