Because I don’t get out much these days, the times when I do are pretty special, even if they involve a trip to the corner Mac’s. They’re extra special when they involve an unexpected pleasant surprise, like stumbling upon a good sale. That’s what happened last Sunday. I was at the City Centre mall, and just happened to walk by Mayfair Shoes – just in time to catch its big end-of-season sale. In addition to a 50% off or 2-for-1 deal on regular price merch, they were also offering a selection of shoes for $65. Not as good as their now-legendary (to me) $39 sale from a few years back, but pretty good nonetheless. 
Because I sadly came on the scene rather late in the game, the remaining pickings were slim, but I still managed to score a pair of Stuart Weitzman embossed-leather flats ($65, originally $345).

I love SW shoes; I find them super comfortable, and love the quality and design. Acquiring them at regular prices is usually cost-prohibitive for me, which is why I’m always thrilled to find a good sale. I’m thinking this pair will go with practically everything, and the leather will only get better with age, like my favourite vintage leather Coach bags – here, the (lighter) patina can be seen on the right shoe, which had been the display. 

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