I recently decided to take a new approach to my purse “collection” – first to downsize, then to upgrade. As much as I love bags, I’ve never been a hoarder; for years now, I’ve had a “one in, one out” policy in effect, which I followed most of the time. Still, I had managed to accumulate around 15 or so purses, most of which I didn’t wear on a weekly basis. On the other hand, I had 3 (ok, maybe 4) bags on my “dream (bag) team” wishlist, after which I’d been lusting for some time, afraid to commit to the budget required to acquire them. Rather than buy the bags I REALLY wanted, I kept buying lower-priced substitutes; somehow, I still went back, again and again, to gaze longingly at my dream bags on Bluefly and Net-a-Porter. 

Well, no more! Having lived for the better part of a year with a much smaller wardrobe than in the past, I’ve come to appreciate a more minimalist approach to dressing – relying on fewer, carefully selected, high quality pieces, and wearing them creatively … and frequently. I’m in the process of massively purging my closet, and it’s now time to do the same with my bags. Out with the old, in with the new. And in this case, the old will help bring in the new – I’m selling about half of my bags to help fund the purchase of my dream bags. As my closet shelf space increases, I have to admit to a feeling of satisfaction from the process of simplification.The second part of the equation has its own rewards, of course.

My first “new” dream bag was a very lucky local find. The YSL Muse Two has been on my wishlist for a long time now, and its funkier cousin, the Besace satchel is cut from the same design cloth, so to speak. I was very excited to bring one – in gorgeous croc-embossed, eggplant-colour nubuck – home with me. Roomy and comfortable to wear, it’s quite a beauty to behold.
I want to show off the Besace in “action”, but first to attend to some details. To start, the perfect nail polish.

I know, I know. Here I am, cheating on Chanel again. What can I say? This time I will blame my Purse Forum membership, and the lovely ladies in the Nail Care sub-forum. They post such lovely swatches, and occasionally the urge to try one of the fabulous non-Chanel colours is just irresistible. Dior’s New World Purple was a perfect example; I read so many positive reviews, and the colour intrigued me. Despite the name, it’s a bit of a chameleon – more brown than purple, especially in certain light conditions. In sunlight, it definitely leans towards purple, although it’s a subdued shade with a lovely iridescence. 

It’s a great match for the Besace.

Next, a new top from Anthropologie. I couldn’t resist – stripes AND florals! Plus, it was on sale. I love how the periwinkle blue works with the purple.

Indoors, the Dior nail polish shows its brown base far more strongly. It’s almost like a yummy, luscious chocolate. I took that as the inspiration for my second outfit.

Taking a cue from the chameleon-like Dior, I decided to dig my Gap ruffle shirt out of the closet. Like the nail polish, its colours are deceptive. In some lights, it pulls towards gray, in others towards brown. Either way, it’s an interesting match for the Besace, for a more preppy, casual vibe.

I’m currently plotting my next “dream team” purchase, which, with some luck, should be complete in time for Christmas. I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you what it will be, but I’ll give a hint for anyone who’s game to guess: it’s an “it” bag whose popularity is a match for its (famous) namesake.

Stay tuned …

5 Comments on Chronicles of the bag lady (continued)

  1. Love, love, LOVE the outfits! The Anthropologie top is gorgeous, and (of course) I adore the purple accessories!

  2. I quite like that purple bag! That’s about the size of bag I am looking for right now – and it doesn’t have too much clunky hardware on it (hate that!). The colour is just an added bonus – so fun1 Although I’m guessing it’s out of my price range….

    Love the outfits too!

  3. Laura – satchels are pretty hot right now, so you should be able to find lots of different styles at different price points. Nine West and Aldo’s are usually on top of the trends, a good place to start if you’re looking 🙂

    Cat, do you guys have an Anthro store in Van? The top was only $30 and it’s super comfy – worth grabbing if you have a chance 🙂

  4. I like your blog:3 Im following it now!
    I love your outfits!!especially the one dress/skirt:)
    New world purple looks so pretty on you!
    I cant wait to see u wearing Exquis :p