This week’s manicure comes courtesy of Chanel’s fall collection, Illusions d’Ombres, which also included Peridot – my first ever Chanel nail polish, featured in a previous post. This time around, I’m giving Graphite a try. And, boy, am I ever glad that I went back (a few times) to get Graphite after initially passing on it. I’ve never been a huge fan of dark polishes, or glitters – until now. It might not looks like much in the bottle, but Graphite is amazing on nails.

My photographic skills cannot do justice to the dazzling brilliance of this polish in the sunlight. Notwithstanding its name, it makes me think of shimmering quicksilver. Here is my best shot:

Under flash, the micro-glitter really comes alive:
The application was a breeze, and the finish is shockingly smooth for such a sparkly polish. The formula requires two coats for good coverage and opacity, but a single coat could also work; though sheer, it’s still remarkably glittery. Removing the polish, on the other hand, takes a bit more work, especially if, like me, you end up adding an extra coat after a few days. The reason for that is the only downside I have experienced with Chanel polishes so far – tip wear. I have never had any chips, but with some colours, the tip of my nail begins to show through after a couple of days. Graphite was one of the bigger “offenders” in that category. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening, but frankly, I’m usually too lazy to invest the time; whenever the tip wear starts to bug me, I take it as a cue to change my polish – and with so many beautiful colours to choose from, I’m always happy with any excuses to do it.
With Graphite on my nails, I knew I would have to pull out my sequin tank from the back of my closet for my “inspired by” outfit. For a $20 top, it looks surprisingly nice and not tacky at all (a common pitfall, I find, with cheap sequins). 
  Jeans, American Eagle; tank, Winners; cardigan, Winners;
shoes, Stuart Weitzman; necklace, Tiffany
To balance out my distressed jeans, I also added a girly touch with my Tiffany bow necklace.

Happy Friday!!

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