Yes, I know what you’re thinking. No, it’s not a typo. This week’s manicure is – gasp – not Chanel. It’s China Glaze’s Midtown Magic, released as part of its recent Metro collection. A shimmery black, it seemed like an appropriate choice for this time of year.

First, let me explain. Yes, I “cheated” on Chanel, despite my vow to be faithful to its polish alone. And, yes, like many a cheater, I’m going to blame my beloved for my lapse. See, Chanel does not have a shimmery black polish as part of its permanent collection. It did, at one time, release such a polish (the lovely Noir Ceramic) but it is, alas, no longer available – unless you’re willing to shell out beaucoup bucks on eBay. No thanks! Black Satin, Chanel’s current black polish is, well, just plain black. I wanted more. When I saw a swatch of Midtown Magic online, I knew I found my replacement. It’s not a true black, but rather a very dark plummy brown; however, with two coats, it becomes almost black under most lighting.

Sadly, this picture doesn’t really do justice to MM’s subtle red, orange and gold micro-shimmer. The China Glaze formula is pretty good, and the application was not too messy or difficult. On the first coat, the purply base of the polish shows through a lot more, but the opacity builds quickly on the second coat. I missed the Chanel brush a little bit, which I find easier to use (it may be a question of habit), but all in all, I was quite impressed with the brand – a steal at well under $10 a bottle.

For my “inspired by” outfit, I didn’t want to go the obvious route, goth. So instead, I decided to go the opposite way, with pearls and a pencil skirt – how much more ladylike can you get?
I also wanted to show off my new platform slingbacks which, though not exactly season-appropriate, are too cute to be relegated to the back of the closet all the way till next summer. I picked up these Sam Edelman beauties in a clearance sale at the Bay for $30, which made me feel like I was back in the bargain-hunting game. Oh yeah!

Love the flash of toe “cleavage” – naughty!

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. If you miss the Chanel brush, why don’t you just use one with the China Glaze polish? If you cleaned one off and dipped it in polish remover to get rid of the excess and make sure it was really clean, I’m sure you could substitute one brush for the other no problem!