Month: November 2011

The Versatile Blogger Awards

In case you were expecting an acceptance speech, you can breathe easy. This is not that kind of award. The Versatile Blogger Awards, currently making the rounds of the blogosphere, are a way for bloggers to share their favourite sites with their readers, and hopefully get a few more eyeballs on their own work. A bit of innocent name-dropping, if you will. So, without further ado, on to the Awards.

Well, maybe just a little “ado”. There are rules to be followed. [And blogs. Like mine. Just click on the “follow” link. Super easy!] As far as the Versatile Blogger Awards go, they’re pretty simple:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.

So, first things first, thank you to the lovely ScottishLass over at Pointless Cafe for nominating me. Holla back!  If you love nail polish as much as I do, you have to check out her blog. She has amazing nails (and kick-ass manicure skills), but we won’t hold that against her.

Next, 7 things you never knew you wanted to know about me. Hmmmm!

1. English is not my first language. I didn’t start speaking it until I was 12. On a related note, I am neither Irish nor Scottish, red hair notwithstanding. No one in my immediate family shares my “affliction”, although I have it on reliable authority that a great-great grandmother on my mother’s side may have been a redhead. Not sure about the milkman.

2. I am an only child. I’m not certain about this, but I like to believe that this was a deliberate choice on my parents’ part. Why mess with perfection? Hah!

3. I’m a nerd, but not a cool science-y one. I’m a book nerd. I am constantly afraid that my species is on the brink of extinction, and e-readers are a sign of the Apocalypse.

4. My dream job would be as literary detective, a la Thursday Next. Failing that, I would love to be a National Geographic photographer.

5. I am a French and English history buff, especially when it comes to the juicy bits. As much as I love Lainey, I love historical gossip more.

6. I’m afraid of open bodies of water, including some of the larger rain puddles. One summer at the beach, back when I was a toddler, my grandmother decided to nip my fascination for water in the bud by telling me that the sea was shark-infested. She has always been a most effective story-teller; I believed in Santa Claus until I was almost 10. I continue to fear for my limbs whenever I step into swimming pools.

7. My favourite museum in the world is the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I could happily spend an entire week in there, and never come out for air. A close second is the Rodin museum in Paris.

Alright, time to pass on the Award!! Here goes:

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[Yeah, yeah, I can count too. I don’t have 15 links up there, but as a more-than-slightly frazzled new mom, I spend most of my internet surfing time over at The Baby Center, googling baby poop colours and other things you don’t want to hear about. Trust me.]

Chronicles of the Bag Lady

I’ve been on the hunt for the next bag on my dream wishlist for a while now – and the hunt is finally over! 

The newest addition to my collection is … drum roll please … a Mulberry Alexa satchel in Oak buffalo leather! I’ve been coveting this bag for the last two years, practically from the moment I first saw it in a magazine, swinging on the arm of its namesake, it-girl Alexa Chung. A more casual and relaxed style than the bags I’m normally drawn to, its cross-body strap is definitely more practical for this busy mom. Between the Alexa and my YSL Besace, what can I say – I’m having a “satchel moment”!

The Alexa is a no-brainer with jeans, but it also looks fabulous dressed up.
Shirt, Gap; skirt, Talbots; belt, Club Monaco;
shoes, Sam Edelman
Cardigan, J Crew; skirt, Gap; belt, Holt Renfrew;
shoes, Stuart Weitzman 

Having gotten my mitts on the Alexa, there are now only two more bags on my wishlist. As much as I would love to bring them home tomorrow, realistically it will likely be a while before my next purchase. I haven’t quite decided which one I will pursue next, although I do like the idea of letting them “find” me – whether in a local consignment store, Kijiji, or perhaps somewhere further afield.

Any guesses for what the last bags on my wishlist might be?

Manicure of the week: Vendetta

Released as part of Chanel’s spring 2009 Bohemian Fantasy collection, Vendetta is a vampy dark purple. The bluish-purple micro-shimmer is hard to photograph but it makes this polish a real stealth stunner. It took me a while to be convinced to buy it  – it looked a bit too close to black at first – but, boy, I’m glad I did. It’s such a sexy, sophisticated colour.

I decided to pair Vendetta with one of my favourite statement pieces, my chartreuse BCBG skirt. But why stop there? Why not make an entire outfit out of statement pieces? Leopard print top, blingy necklace, and sky high heels – oh my!

I don’t wear a lot of costume jewelry anymore, but how could I resist this fun, sparkly piece from Plaid Giraffe? Thanks to my BFF for picking up this beauty for me last Christmas!

After a couple of days, I decided to have a little fun with my manicure, and jazz it up with a sparkly top coat of Orly Fowl Play – a purple-based jelly with purple, gold and pink glitter. I love the results!
Happy Friday!