For this week’s manicure, I’m back to my Chanel stash for an old classic: Coromandel. I’m not sure when it was released, but it is not part of the current permanent collection on Chanel’s website. I was lucky enough to find it at a local Chanel counter, and snapped it up during my recent ‘red polish’ phase – it joins Pirate, Dragon, and the newly released (and sold out) Rouge Carat in my collection. The polish is named after (and presumably inspired by) the Chinese lacquered wood screens loved by Coco Chanel, which she collected and displayed in her home. 
The polish is a warm, tomato-like red, with a very fine iridescence that shows up mostly in the bottle, but can be seen (just barely) in the sunlight. It’s a very happy, peppy colour.

The application was a cinch – a one-coater with amazing colour saturation. Sadly, I did experience rather a lot of tip wear with this polish, although I’m not sure why. Admittedly, Chanel can be a bit hit and miss in that respect. No other complaints, though.
For my “inspired by” outfit, I decided to go with an Asian theme – as it happens, the embroidery on the cherry blossom pattern on my Nougat wrap top was a perfect colour match. 

Paired with black cropped pants and nude heels, the top is a great casual-dressy alternative for, say, a cocktail dress.

The finishing touch is my asymmetrical Swarovsky necklace; I like the simple design – it’s one of my first “grown up” pieces of jewelry … about time, I should say.

Happy Friday!!

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