Part of Chanel’s Celestial Lights collection, Cosmic Violine is a gorgeous red-based brown (or brown-based red depending on how you see it) chock-full of beautiful red and gold micro-glitter.

I fell in love with Cosmic Violine as soon as I saw swatches of it online, and luckily I was able to pick up a bottle at Holt Renfrew; even though it’s not part of the permanent collection, it’s still possible to find it at some Chanel counters – happy hunting! Once I took it home and painted it on my nails, the love-at-first-sight was explained – it’s a beautiful colour match for my beloved Amarante Alma (although the latter leans more towards burgundy in sunlight).

For my “inspired by” outfit, I picked one of my recent thrifting finds: a BCBG dress I found at Value Village for $20. [Is it just me, or is VV starting to hike up its prices? Almost none of the dresses there were under $10, regardless of the brand – or era. It’s getting harder and harder to find an amazing bargain at thrift stores, especially with all the wonderful consignment stores in town, where prices are often competitive and shopping doesn’t require the same time commitment and patience.] I loved this dress – enough to take it home despite my moratorium on new clothes – for two reasons: the print, and the black side panels. The latter are a simple but effective visual trick for a slimmer silhouette; in this case, the ruching also helps to camouflage any bumps, while keeping a sexy curve along the hips.

The dress was missing its belt, but that wasn’t a problem for yours truly, belt queen. My funky, knotted belt from H&M works great with the abstract print of the dress; ladylike peachy nude pumps finish the outfit.

Happy Friday!

5 Comments on Manicure of the week: Cosmic Violine

  1. your dress is beautiful!!!!~~~~aww Cosmic Violine matches ur LV alma beautifully :3
    do u have a nail polish collection spreadsheet??I couldnt find urs on tpf ~~

  2. Thanks Carrie! I thought it was just me & my bad thrifting luck, but I guess not. I did find a Robert Rodriguez dress there last time for $16, but it was a minuscule size. Still, a great deal for someone!

    Hey Boarbb!! I keep track of my NPs in a notebook – I know, old-fashioned! I should do that, though, it would make things easier 🙂

  3. I used to write it on a notebook too!!when I was not that into nail polish and at that time i only had 5 i remembered haha!!as my collection growing bigger and bigger I was too lazy haha so I just use google spreadsheet now :p

  4. VV has definitely raised prices. Goodwill on 51st is cheaper. But, I think the dress was well worth it for $20 and the shoes are perfect with it.

    I have been looking for that nail polish shade, except without the sparkles. If you happen to see anything like it please let me know!