Month: November 2011

Excuse us

And the reason why I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like … keeps growing.

Time is doing strange things at the moment, speeding up and slowing down simultaneously. Luka is going to be 4 months next week. Right now, his hobby is rolling over; next thing I know, he’ll be borrowing dad’s car on a Saturday night. 

Oh boy!

Manicure of the week: Black Pearl

Every time Chanel releases a nail polish collection, there is usually one break-out colour that ends up on the tips of fashionistas worldwide. In the tradition of Jade and Nouvelle Vague, Black Pearl was the star of Chanel’s spring 2011 collection. A teal-greenish gunmetal grey with amazing lustre, it’s a great colour for people who want to try a darker, edgier manicure without going all the way to black. Although it sold out fairly quickly on its original release, it has since been added to Chanel’s permanent collection, which means one doesn’t need to shell out $300 (the current going price on eBay for the much sought-after Jade) to try it. [You think I’m kidding? Nail polish is serious business, and one thing you learn quickly is that, as with most things Chanel, its nail polish has a habit of appreciating in price with time.]

For my “inspired by” outfit, I decided to go literal – with my cultured black pearls. I love these as an alternative to the traditional ivory or cream pearls; they look polished and elegant, but a little bit more unexpected.
And since this is not your typical ladylike manicure, I went in the opposite direction with my clothes. I like the subtle hints of colour – teal, purple, grey, blue – present in the deceptively-named black pearls, so I took that as my colour guide. My minty Dorothy Perkins suit has a fairly traditional cut, but I would normally play it safe, colour-wise, and pair it with a neutral like black. This time, instead, I went bolder with purple. The print of the Michael Michael Kors blouse breaks up the colour monotony, and adds just the right touch of visual interest. I think I’m going to have to try this one at the office next summer.

Happy Friday!!

Playing around

Although I’ve been really good lately about not spending money “frivolously” (nail polish and books being the only exception), I couldn’t resist this Harajuku Lovers-go-to-Paris make-up bag. It may be the collector bug in me speaking, but wouldn’t you love to see these versions of G and her girls in perfume form?

Proving that inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources, I decided to have a little fun and create my own take on HL style. Thanks to my lovely and talented friend Rachel, I had just the hat for it.
This beauty comes with two detachable, interchangeable flowers – one red, one yellow – to suit any mood and occasion. Since I decided to go with a blue and red theme for my outfit, I went with the former. I continued my theme with my manicure: a very wintery navy blue (Essie Bobbing for Baubles), and red for my pinkie (Chanel Pirate).

Putting it all together: