With the stress of last year’s last-minute dress hunt in mind, I decided to be proactive for a change and figure out my office Christmas party outfit well in advance. By late October, I had it all down – dress, shoes, accessories. I felt pretty satisfied with myself. And then … the invitation came in the mail, and threw me for a loop. The reason? This year’s theme is “Mad Men”. Naturally, I loved the theme, but it didn’t jive with my original outfit choice. What to do? I didn’t want to go all the way into costume territory, but I did want my outfit to reference the MM era and atmosphere. And I had just the thing in my closet.

Long-time readers of this blog will recognize this dress. I bought it over a year ago, mostly on impulse (it was a great deal and just too cute to pass up) and have been waiting ever since for my opportunity to wear it. And – ta-da!! That opportunity had finally come. I call it my (season 1-2, still married-to-Don) “Betty” dress: an early 60s silhouette with a debutante-appropriate neckline, but updated with an oversize houndstooth print.

I decided to skip the pearls (too costumey) and go with red accessories and ladylike drop earrings.

And, of course – Chanel on my nails. Appropriately, the choice was Rouge Carat, Chanel’s holiday colour this year. The subtle fuchsia shimmer makes this red look rich and luscious – a perfect Christmas red.

I was all set for the party … and, of course, I just had to go and upset the ol’ applecart. See, I had an appointment to get my hair cut two weeks ago … and instead of simply getting my ends trimmed, I decided to switch things up. As in finally get the pixie cut I’ve been debating for the last 6 months. It was a spur of the moment decision (spurred primarily by my son’s recent discovery of the entertainment value of hair-pulling), but I’m thrilled with the results. Still, I wasn’t sure about the pairing of my new haircut and my original dress – the cut is a bit more Mia Farrow than Betty Draper, if you know what I mean. By now, it was too late to hit the stores without getting into the dreaded last-minute dress shopping panic, so I had to try to pull something together from my closet and hope for the best. I’d like to think that this is more of an Audrey Hepburn look.

With less than a week to go, I was still unsure which outfit to pick for the big day. Would an all-black outfit too somber for a Christmas party? Would pink be too jeune fille? How much of a theme is too much? Decisions, decisions.

Of course, the complications haven’t ended there. As of last night, I’ve been down for the count with a vicious cold that’s been felling family members right and left. Judging by the trajectory of their illness, my attendance at this Saturday’s party may be in jeopardy, sadly. But, eternally optimistic, I’m not giving up hope … which still leaves me with a choice to make. Decisions, decisions.

4 Comments on Decisions, decisions

  1. Love your haircut so much… I like the black outfit maybe because I am wearing black… Both are nice though… What about black outfit with the red accessories very christmas.

  2. The pink outfit is very sweet. What does it look like with the haircut? The hair might help give the retro cut of the dress more of a modern twist. The black is very sophisticated and classic.

    I guess it depends on what mood you’re going for – the pink is more festive and fun, and the black is more elegant. I think I’m leaning ever so slightly to the pink…

  3. Thanks ladies!! The big day is tonight, and luckily I’m feeling much better. I think I’m 95% sure of what I’m going to wear, but there could always be a last minute change of plans. I’ll post a pic of the final outfit next week šŸ™‚