You remember Peridot, don’t you? The nail polish that started it all (for me) was released this past summer as part of Chanel’s fall 2011 collection, Illusions d’Ombre. A stunning green-gold duochrome that might – just might – be my signature colour. Here is a peek again:

I love how it goes from sedate to fiery in a quick second under bright lights. In the unforgettable words of famed thespian K. Reeves: “whoa!”

For my “inspired by” outfit, I decided to go with a practical outfit for my current life as a stay-at-home mom.

Leggings are, of course, a staple – comfortable and endlessly forgiving (especially of big meals, a frequent hazard this time of year). I was happy to add my Zara tunic back into my closet after being separated from it during the late stages of my pregnancy; its floral print never fails to make me feel happy and upbeat, no mean feat in the dead of Edmonton winter. Layered over a long-sleeved top, with a cardigan on top for extra warmth, (not to mention the obligatory parka for any outdoors outings)  it makes the cut as a viable winter alternative.

As may be somewhat evident in this outfit, I’ve been on a green kick lately. Maybe it’s the desolate wasteland that is our Edmonton winter (though – fingers crossed – so far, not too bad this year) or maybe it’s a subtle hint from my subconscious to put away the Toblerone and eat more vegetables, but I’ve been rocking a lot of green lately – especially on my nails. As a bonus this week, here’s a peek at a mani I franken-ed recently, layering OPI Significant Other Colour (a sheer lavender-green duochrome) over Butter LONDON Wallis (metallic olive gold). The result: a luscious apple green, with a hint of smoky purple around the edges. Yum yum!

Happy Friday!

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