I hope you won’t mind another polish-themed post, but I was so excited about my newest finds, that I simply had to share. 

Polish collecting (who are we kidding, that’s what this has become) can be quite the expensive hobby when you’re as easily seduced by colour as I am. Those who know my shopping habits will not be surprised to hear that I just had to find ways to bargain hunt for polishes before things got out of control. I have no idea if and when polishes go on sale (and I’m pretty sure brands like Chanel never do), so I had to think of other options. I was chatting with a friend about our (mostly frustrating) experiences selling things on Kijiji – as opposed to buying – when I got an idea. Why not post a “wanted” ad, looking for unused or slightly used polishes? I would safely assume that people will occasionally buy polishes on the spur of the moment, and never end up using them more than once or twice; after all, I did that myself from time to time, back before I turned into a polish addict. I rationalized that those people would be happy to clear the clutter in their drawers and make some money back – and I was right. I got a few responses, not all of them for polishes I was interested in, but then … ta da! Someone offered to sell me a bunch of their OPI polishes; while I’m not usually a fan of this brand, a few of the bottles caught my eye – they were holographics! 
Holographic or “holo” polish (of which there are two kinds, scattered and linear, the latter being somewhat rarer) are relatively hard to come by, and there aren’t many drug store or department store brands that currently carry them in their collections. I’ve been wanted to try out a linear holo for a while … and was very excited for the chance to get not one but three! I paid $15 for all three, a pretty good deal since they were each originally about that much. Without further ado, here they are:

OPI Designer Series Original, Passion, Amethyst (l-r)

And here is a peek at the first of the trio, OPI DS Amethyst, in action. In the shade or natural light, the holo effect is very subtle, and what you are left with is a soft lilac purple – a very pretty, subdued color.

Under bright lights, however, the glitter is incredible:

The second in the trio, Passion, is a pretty rose colour – probably my favourite of the three.

Of course, the glittery goodness is just waiting to come out.

Last but not least, DS Original. I would call this more of an amethyst colour, but who I am to argue with OPI’s naming conventions? Instead of putting on two coats, as I did with the previous two colours – and acting on a tip I picked up looking over endless swatches on the internet – I decided to layer one coat over a purple polish, China Glaze Coconut Kiss (another Kijiji find) to bring out its holo glory. It turned out a bit strong for me – purple on steroids! – so I think I’ll try it on its own next time.

I was really impressed with the formula and application of these OPI polishes. They were opaque in two coats, and dried to an incredibly smooth finish (not always the case for glittery polishes). They took a little bit longer to dry than my Chanels, but I experienced very little wear, and clean-up was super easy as well. 

So the lesson learned: definitely give the “wanted” ad option on Kijiji a try, you might just be able to find what you’re looking for!

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