All is well that ends well! I survived my tangle with the nasty cold, and also managed to get over my separation anxiety long enough to park the kid at his grandparents (for a record 6 hours!) on Saturday night – time to hit the office Christmas party!

As always, the party planning committee hit it out of the ballpark with their Mad Men theme. The decor, especially, was absolutely gorgeous and the colour scheme – black, red, and silver – was right up my alley. 

See, at the eleventh hour, I decided to go with my black outfit, but make it pop a bit more by adding sparkly red earrings. 

And since, for the first time in eons, I did not end up buying a new outfit for the party, I decided to splurge and treat myself to a fancy schmancy Lancome eye-shadow quad (Rose Coquette) – those hard-earned bags under my eyes don’t accessorize themselves, you know!

I also upped the oomph-factor with a pair of seamed stockings (courtesy of Cat, my hosiery afficionado!), which might not have been entirely era-appropriate, but did make me feel oh-so-grown-up. Here’s a last look at my ensemble – for some reason, with 100% more “crazy eyes” than usual. Ta da!

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  1. I love those pantyhose… If they go on sale again, can you let me know? 75 smackers is a bit rich for my blood, no matter how great they are.