Well, I guess I was a good girl this year because Santa was very generous. 

My presents this time around fell into three categories. Can you guess which ones? Starting with perhaps the most obvious, I got an incredible polish haul – count ’em, six new Butter LONDONs, oh my!

And that was not all, thanks to my lovely husband, who knows me so well.

Just a sneak peek for now – I sense some exciting new “manicures of the week” coming!

The second category was perfumes, starting with this Christmas-themed Harajuku Lovers mini, which doubles as an adorable ornament.

My weakness for the little dolls is well documented by now; the newest Gwen joins the other new additions from this past year – Super G and Mermaid G.

I also got a little Daisy action …

… with a solid perfume version that comes in a cute ring.

Did you notice my mani? It’s one of my new polishes, the aptly named Henley Regatta (over a coat of Essie’s Dive Bar). Stunning blue and green sparkles in a clear base, it really does look like a shimmering river on a sunny summer day.

Last, but definitely not least, what do we have here?

So pretty!!

Thanks babe!

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