2011 was quite the rollercoaster year in the BCRL household – we were up, down, and shaken all around. And that was just the home renovation. Then we got hit by a little whirlwind called Luka. But it was all for the best, because as much as he turned our lives upside down, we now can’t imagine what those lives might be like without him.
In honour of the year past, I thought a little retrospective would be in order. Without further ado, here is the creme de la creme of 2011:

Personal best
This would make the top of my list – any list – in any given year from this point on. That face, that smile, those chubby cheeks … it gets me every time. Best thing I ever did, hands down.

Best Fashion Moment
As much as I have enjoyed the one-on-one styling sessions with the amazing women I’ve been privileged to meet over the last year and a half, the Vespucci shopping party last February took the fun to the next level. Something akin to speed-styling, and about as nerve-wracking, but so much fun! Give a dozen or more ladies a whole store to play in and you’re guaranteed to have some awesome style moments. And did I mention there were cupcakes? I cannot wait to do it again – who’s with me?

Best deal

I love, love, love my YSL Besace bag … and it’s pretty easy to love for less than 30% of the retail price. Gotta love Kijiji; it doesn’t always pay off, but when it does, it’s epic!

Best Splurge

Total impulse buy, and a splurge to boot, but how pretty are these Prada wedges? They’ll make the back-to-work transition just a little bit less painful.

Best Outfit

I was fortunate to have a fairly easy pregnancy, and for all the bitching I did about maternity wear (totally justified, by the way!), I quite enjoyed sporting my “baby bump” once I figured out how to dress it. My favourite outfits were, without exception, the ones that showed it off … like this amazing Tocca dress, an incredible Value Village find.

Best Makeover
The credit for this one goes to my wonderful husband for his tireless work on our house. I love my new family room-slash-library (and now, slash-baby-romper-room), and I’m still amazed that we get to have such a grown-up, sophisticated space in our first proper home together. 

Not bad considering that I still feel like a teenager most of the time. Ah, some things never change!

What were your 2011 bests?

3 Comments on Best of 2011

  1. I’m definitely in for another Vespucci shopping party! And I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least one new lady to add to the mix.

    ~ Robyn

  2. I would certainly be in for another Vespucci shopping party – and I’m sure there are a few others that I could round up! I’ve been wearing the skirt I bought a lot in this mild winter 🙂