You may have noticed that posting has been less frequent than usual around here, and the reason is simple, if not particularly happy. My husband and I are still dealing with the aftermath of what has quickly come to be known as the Great Home Flood of 2012. A flooded bathroom, 3 floors of water damage (not severe, luckily!), and an unstoppably active 6 month old equal … an exhausted blogger. Thankfully, everyone is safe and healthy, and we are slowly moving on. I promise that the business, blog-wise, will be back to normal next week, when you can look forward to the resumption of my “manicures (and outfits) of the week”, as well as a whole twack of new posts.

5 Comments on Housekeeping

  1. Oh wow, this is a blog after my own heart. Winners? Check. Same height? Check. Canada? Check. Your pick of colors? Check. Shoes? Check. You’re now on my favorite list.

    • Ms A, there was a jewel/purple cardigan thta you had with gold buttons, but I can’t find a picture of it on your blog. Can you point me to a place where I can see it again? Thanks