As promised, this week I bring you Laura’s take on the 10/10 challenge. Her picks reflect her slightly more conservative office work environment, but also show that you can mix work and play – when you have the right clothes. 

Laura is a cardigan girl, so instead of a dress, she decided to add in another one to the list. The 10 items she chose were:

Gray Blazer (Ricki’s)
Gray Pants (Ricki’s)
Jeans (Joe Fresh)
Grey Cardigan (Jacob)
Yellow Sweater (Smart Set)
Black Skirt (Ricki’s) 
Sleeveless Bow Blouse (Jacob)
Polka Dot T-Shirt (H&M)
Blue Ruffle Blouse (Ricki’s)
Black Cardigan (Cleo) 

And here are her 10 outfits. I have to profess my love for her bow blouse, which I may have to steal some day; it illustrates perfectly the impact that a statement piece can have. [And Laura did have a lot of fun doing the challenge, I swear. She’s just very serious about style ;)]

Have you tried the 10/10 challenge? How did it go?

2 Comments on The 10/10 challenge: Laura

  1. Ha ha – I’m usually not that serious. Fashion is hard work! 😉 I added the yellow sweater to the last outfit and work that to work today. These are some of my favourite pieces that I wear all the time. I really enjoyed putting my 10/10 together and I may be inspired to create others. I think it would be a good challenge for me to incorporate a dress!