The second offering in Chanel’s spring 2012 Harmonie de Printemps collection, May is a flirty, bright pink creme. I’ve been waiting a long time for my perfect Chanel pink creme; recent past releases, like Rose Insolent and Rose Exuberante, were a bit too “neon” for me, manicure-wise (great pedicure colours, but at $27 a pop, alas not in my budget). May comes closest to my dream pink – though I wish it was a bit more faded – so I’m happy for now.

The application was pretty good. I was a wee bit worried after the first coat, thinking that I might have problems, but the polish mostly self-leveled after two coats and was fairly opaque. If I were super picky, I might quibble that three coats would have been better, but … alas, I am far more impatient than picky. This was not an out-and-out creme, but rather more of a jelly-creme hybrid (a “crelly”), which explains some of my application issues. It did have a lovely finish, though a touch less blindingly shiny than April.

For my inspired outfit, something about May screamed “polka dots” to me. Maybe because both seem so happy-go-lucky? Anyway, my first attempt was kind of safe – cropped pants, a pink belt (and pink brooch). Very ’50-ish silhouette … but a bit, hmm, blah.

So I decided to take a bit more of a risk by pairing prints – polka dots and floral. What could be spring-ier? A solid black belt separates the patterns, and works to ground the outfit. I think it kind of works!

What do you think?

Happy Friday!

2 Comments on Manicure of the week: May

  1. I love May on you! I’m wearing it myself now too! I love the combo with the dots and flowers. Your style is flawless!