I have a confession to make. My house is a big ole mess. Between the repair work on the flood damage and the human tornado that is my son, my house is currently in a sorrier state of affairs than it has been since … ever. For a neat freak, that’s a difficult thing to admit, or live with. Deep breath. So I try to make the most of any area that is relatively untouched by the madness, and even vaguely resembles the home I used to know. At the moment, my oasis of calm is the dining room.

Of course, because this is a relatively new house, the dining room is actually more of a “dining area” – open concept at work in a small space. Because we rarely enjoy the “luxury” of a sit-down meal these days, the dining area is fairly clean and un-cluttered. [The sink and stove – both of which now double as our “eating area” – are another story.] It is also one of the last areas of our house that is in the process of being upgraded, style-wise. We just never got to it before our son was born, and now we have been forced to extend the timeline of our plans a bit. So, we are taking it one bit at a time: lighting fixture, chairs, table. 

Although this is one area for which we have promised ourselves to wean off our IKEA addiction, the first step in our makeover is brought to you … by IKEA. Although we have been looking high and low for a new lighting fixture to replace our old “builder basic” – and incredibly ugly – one, we came across our eventual pick on a recent, random trip to IKEA. The irony was not lost on us, but we loved the piece and the price was pretty irresistible too. Here is a quick peek:
And here is our new dining room chandelier in all its glory:
Admittedly, my husband thought it was a bit “frilly” at first, but we came around to a compromise – our future chairs will fit his preferred modern minimalist aesthetic, and the contrast will be (in his words) “interesting”. For now, the chandelier joins the rest of our dining room set … also from IKEA. But just for the time being, I swear! It also joins another new addition – an totally awesome-sauce collage painting created by our friend, Edmonton artist Adriean Koleric.[You can check out his other work on his website, THINKITEM]
It’s all starting to come together, and thankfully without any further drama. Although … hmmm, something seems to be missing from this picture. Ah, yes! The element of chaos.
That’s more like it!

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  1. LOVE that chandelier. Love it! That is totally my style. I feel an Ikea shopping trip coming on….