This yar’s awards season has been “meh” for me, fashion-wise, so I’ve given it a miss … until now. The Oscars are too big too miss, no matter how snooze-worthy its red carpet. And while last night featured a slightly more interesting style line-up than recent awards shows, there were very few truly “wow” moments for me, and quite a few disappointments. Let’s take a look!

Best Dressed

The sleeper hit of the night, for me, was Stacey Kiebler. Every time I have seen her on red carpets before, I was underwhelmed by her choices; it’s almost as if she had been given a memo not to outshine her date, the Clooney. [I’m mostly being facetious, but seriously – can you remember a dress worn by any of his past girlfriends that was in the least bit memorable?] But she brought it last night! Her gold sculpted Marchesa was flawless; who needs an Oscar when you have a golden goddess by your side?

Sandra Bullock also hit it out of the ballpark with a stunning column gown. Love the white and black contrast, and I love the jewelled detail at the waist. She looked positively regal. Brava!
I am always interested to see what Michelle Williams wears on the red carpet, and last night she did not disappoint! Her red Louis Vuitton dress is red done right, in my opinion. The jewelled bow brooch is the perfect finishing touch.

Best Colour

Part of the reason why the Oscar red carpet was just so-so for me was the relative lack of colour. Lots of black and neutral shades, but apart from red, not much else. The two stand-outs, colour-wise, were Viola Davis (in gorgeous emerald green) and Penelope Cruz (in ethereal slate blue). 

The Helen Mirren Award

I loved Glenn Close’s choice of a sexy mermaid dress paired with a tux-style jacket by Zac Posen. She looks phenomenal! Dame Helen would approve.
Biggest Disappointment

Sadly, even some of the ladies I would normally expect to bring the drama to the red carpet let me know. Gwyneth Paltrow’s white, caped gown by Tom Ford was minimalist to the extreme, and a bit of a head-scratcher. A superhero costume that got over-bleached in the wash? A futuristic hospital matron uniform? Who knows. Ford is famous for the sleek sexiness of his designs, but this missed the mark for mer. At least it kept her warm, right?
Okay, I may be a bit biased on this one, because she is reportedly dating my “boyfriend” Andrew Garfield, but Emma Stone was a big disappointment for me. Her Giambattista Valli dress reminded me of the gown worn by Nicole Kidman at the Oscars a few years back, and it lacked any detail to make it memorable in its own right. I normally love Emma’s style – and she often takes successful risks on the red carpet – which is why this was a bit of a surprise. It seemed to me that she played it safe … and missed. I preferred her Golden Globes dress by a mile.
Natalie Portman looked so stunning at last year’s ceremony, that I was surprise by how underwhelmed I was by her choice this year. Don’t get me wrong – Natalie looked gorgeous as always. I don’t think she could ever look anything but. But her vintage Christian Dior dress was boooo-ring. Seriously, look at it … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Worst Dressed
I know that this might be a controversial choice, but I hated Jennifer Lopez’s dress. More specifically, I hated those cut-out sleeves; her Zuhair Murad dress would have been just so-so without them, but with – ugh! Jennifer has looked stunning on countless red carpets, so I’m going to blame this one on Casper Smart. 
What were your favourite, and not-so-favourite, looks of Oscar night?

2 Comments on OSCARS!!

  1. Wow – we are totally opposite in what we thought of the Oscars! My worst are your best and my best are your worst!

    I did like Sandra Bullock – very modern and different from anyone else on the red carpet. I loved Penelope Cruz – I think that was my favourite look of the night. So pretty and feminine. I loved Natalie Portman’s polka dots and the shape of her dress – classic shape with a cute print. It was different than the usual.

    I liked Emma Stone’s dress, but thought it would flatter her more in a different colour – like a really rich purple. I’m just not sold on a redhead in red.

    Speaking of red…Michelle Williams. It would have been prettier without the peplum. That really made it not work for me.

    I thought Rooney Mara was the worst of the night – terrible hair and weird wings on the bust of her dress. Also, anyone in one of those nude/white/beige/neutral dresses. Enough already! Wear some colour!

  2. I also really liked Penelope Cruz’s dress, but my favourite for colour was Leslie Mann’s dress in blue with sparkles!

    I also loved Jessica Chastain’s dress. I thought it looked beautiful on her, and I thought her hairstyle really complemented the dress.