As a lovely bonus to last month’s posts on the 10/10 challenge, my West coast correspondent (and former Edmonton resident) Cat has decided to join the fun – and share the results with us!
Here are her 10 items:

Black Blazer (Mexx)
Jeggings (Jacob) 
Jeans (Mavi)
Purple Cardigan (Jacob)
Fuschia Blouse (Jacob)
Black Skirt (Jacob) 
Blue & Green Blouse (Smart Set)
Pink Patterned Blouse (RW & Co)
Cobalt Blue Dress (RW & Co)
Grey-Blue Dress (“Fun” item) (Smoking Lily)

Her colour palette was also blue/purple/black, not dissimilar from mine – but I love how different the results are! This is one of the main reasons why I love to peek into other women’s closets (hey, it’s not as kinky as it sounds!). Variety is the spice of style. Having said that, next time I’m in Vancouver, I am going to have to visit Cat and permanently “borrow” her pink blouse and those amazing patterned tights – yowza!

You may have noticed an extra special “guest” sneaking into some of Cat’s photos … her puppy, Kaysa! A dog after my own heart … who loves shoes!

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