Month: March 2012

Manicure of the week: Miami Peach

This week’s manicure is the recently discontinued Miami Peach. A real fan favourite, this is a pretty, soft peachy coral suffused with gold shimmer. I have to confess that I have my issues with Miami Peach, and not just because orange-leaning shades just don’t agree with my skin tone. But let’s take a peek at it before we get to the nitty gritty, shall we?
At the cost of using an expression I dislike, I am deeply conflicted about Miami Peach. In the bottle – and on others’ nails – it is a truly beautiful color. I could live with the way it looks against my skin tone, were it not for the application. While not a true sheer, Miami Peach is strange combination of sheer and jelly. It takes a full three coats, and maybe more, to make it fully opaque on my nails … which would still not be tragic if the drying time wasn’t so. bloody. long! I’m not sure if it’s just my particular bottle of Miami Peach, because this has certainly not been my experience with any other Chanels, but the second and third coats seemingly take forever to dry, and I inevitably end up smudging my nails every time. The only solution I can think of is layering Miami Peach over another colour, to avoid having to put on more than one coat. I’m still looking for the perfect base colour, but I haven’t given up on it yet!

For my inspired by outfit, I simply had to have purple. I love the combination of orange and purple, and although I am not bold enough to go try a full-on colour-block outfit, a little pop of colour is just the ticket.
This MICHAEL Michael Kors top was one of my “maternity” finds; luckily, the empire waist means that it can still work on my post-baby body without looking like a potato sack. The material is lightweight (silk), which offsets some of the volume, and it’s perfectly balanced out my skinny jeans. As you can see, I am still wearing flats a lot – who knew that my beloved high heels would be so hard to get used to again? Thankfully, I still have a few more months to get my arches reacquainted with their former torture instruments … errr, “sole mates”.

Happy Friday!

Clothing swap-mania, part 2

As promised, here is a better look at my clothing swap loot. This year’s party left me with a veritable bonanza of new pieces – far more than I have bought in the last 8 months combined! The best part: many of them magically worked together as outfits, even though they came from different people. And that is in addition to all of the ways I can mix and match everything with pieces from my own wardrobe. Score!

First up, a lovely brown blazer (Banana Republic); I don’t have a lot of brown in my closet, so it will take a bit of time to work out its best combinations, but I couldn’t pass this one up – the fit was amazing! If nothing else, this piece will be great for casual Fridays back at the office.
Next, we have a crotchet-style cardigan (Mexx) and grey skirt (H&M). I am fairly sure the cardigan will be one of those infinitely versatile items in my wardrobe, while the skirt is the comfiest thing I’ve put on in a long time. It’s slightly asymmetrical, but not so much so that I would not attempt this at work. And you probably recognize those shoes (Michael Kors)…
This tangerine cardigan (Banana Republic) is not only super wearable, it’s also bang-on (colour) trend for 2012. The print top is its perfect match.
Speaking of trends, pleats are very much in this year, and now I am finally joining the bandwagon with this pretty high-waisted skirt. The cropped jacket (Costa Blanca) is perfect of this kind of silhouette, and I like how the whimsical detailing and print livens up the whole outfit.

This plaid skirt was not a hit with some of the other ladies, because of its potential awkward pocket placement, but it works pretty well on my figure (if I do say so myself). Paired with this cream wool jacket (Tristan & Iseut), I think we have a winner!

Last but not least, here comes The General! Love the shoulder detailing on this (super comfy) top – a little bit military, a lot of glitz! A bit over the top for me, but too much fun to pass up.
Thank you again to everyone who attended this party – here’s to another great swap! Till next year …

Clothing swap-mania, part 1

I hosted my fifth annual clothing swap on Saturday, and I am happy to report that it was a great night! With a record of fourteen attendees, proceedings quickly devolved into a fun frenzy of style. My once-so-seemingly spacious house brimmed to the rafters with gorgeous ladies strutting their new stuff; deals were struck over hot items, and everyone took turns playing Cinderella in front of the accessory wall – aka shoe central. Alas, amid all the madness, your slightly overwhelmed host/blogger didn’t get a chance to take any photos; I hope you’ll trust me when I say that high style marks were awarded all around.

Of course, it would be no party of my instigation without cupcakes. These delicious minis – and don’t let the size fool you, the taste was off the charts – came courtesy of the Whimsical Cake Studio. Also much enjoyed (though sadly undocumented on camera) was the cheese burek from the Cheese Factory; this also happens to be one of the 25 top things to eat in Edmonton, and it was agreed by all that its spot on the list was well-deserved.

It also wouldn’t be a very stylish party without a bit of swag. What could go better with new clothes than a little gift bag full of pampering goodies – nail polish (natch!), Burt’s Bees products, and Lindt chocolates! [Please take a moment to admire my crafty skills exhibited in those handmade gift tags. Yes, Two Left Hands Adina is now on her way to Martha Stewart-ville. The mind boggles.]
With such a large crowd in attendance, I am happy to report that even after everyone left fairly loaded up with goodies, there were still two large bags of lovely items left to be donated to Suit Yourself and Value Village. Hopefully, our fun night will benefit a few more people along the way.

I will do a more extensive post on the pieces I snagged for myself later in the week, but for now … a sneak peek:

Curious to see more?

OK, one last peek:
Stay tuned for part 2 of the clothing swap-mania (outfit edition) on Wednesday!