A couple of Saturdays ago, I headed out with a friend to check out the revitalized High Street area around 124 Street downtown. I was inspired on my trek, initially, by news of the Pop Up Vintage Store. Borrowing a concept that has become popular in cities like New York and Vancouver, the store was basically a two day operation featuring a selection of vintage wares (clothes, shoes and jewelry) curated by Jessica Kennedy and Sarah Ares. I love vintage pieces, especially accessories, so I was dying to see their finds. I was also really drawn to the idea of a pop-up store, which has so much potential. [I would love to work on a similar project, although the amount of effort involved must be herculean. Some day …] For example, following the vintage event, the same space was being taken over by the folks from Coup, Dote Baby, glas.ful and So Pretty Jewelry – bringing a selection of stylish women’s and baby fashion, as well as jewelry and glass wares. Although I did not get a chance to see its second incarnation, I look forward to future events in the same vein. I love seeing the fashionable side of Edmonton really taking off!

Of course, with the Pop Up Vintage Store being right next door to the Duchess bakery, you can guess our second stop of the day. Here is a hint …
Yep, the newly relocated Duchess (actually, just next door to its old location) is the not-so secret secret of confectionery lovers in Edmonton. Since I don’t get as many chances these days to make the trip downtown and experience the delights that Duchess has to offer, I had to make the most of this opportunity. So my friend and I loaded up on the sweet stuff – pistacchio and white chocolate cookie, lavender sugar cookies, madeleine, meringue, chocolate cake … and, of course, their famous macaroons.
I can happily report that everything – but especially the macaroons – are as good as advertised. I would also highly recommend the Duchess blend of black tea, which had a nice, fruity kick to it.
All and all, brunch was delish. After all, you cannot go wrong with chocolate, ever.

Afterwards, we trekked back towards Vespucci, one of my favourite clothing stores in the city. 

I can tell you than my limited shopping in the last few months has had more than a little to do with the fact that I haven’t been able to visit my old haunt for a while. I was very excited to check out their current selection of spring and summer fashion, and perhaps get some new inspiration. But on the way, I got a little sidetracked.

The Lux Beauty Boutique has been around for a while, so I am not sure why I haven’t popped in before. It is a veritable wonderland for any beauty junkie (including nail polish addicts like me). They carry a great selection of hard-to-find-in Edmonton products, from b.Kamins, to Mario Badescu, to Stila, and RGB. And these beauties:

Did I mention how beautiful the store is?
Of course, although I am supposed to be on a polish-buying ban, I couldn’t leave without picking up this sparkler:
Butter LONDON Tart with a Heart
I love this polish so much – it makes my fingernails looks like they’ve been dipped in candied sugar. Yum! Here is one coat of Tart with a Heart (gotta love the name!) over two coats of Butter LONDON All Hail the Queen, another favourite.

For anyone interested, Lux is hosting a slew of interesting beauty events in March, including the Stila Spring Colours Launch (March 23 & 24), a make-up tutorial for getting a photo-friendly face (March 25), and a nail art workshop (March 26 to April 1).

Our final stop, Vespucci, did not disappoint. On a quick tour of the store (my baby-sitting meter quickly running out), I spotted some great pieces from Diane von Furstenberg (wrap dress, $149), Prada (patent leather slides, $148), Elie Tahari (silk tops, around $60), and many, many others. I was a good girl, and decided to stick with my budget rather than my love for pretty things, and eventually narrowed down my shopping choices to two items. First, a lovely silk tunic from MICHAEL Michael Kors, which is actually a duplicate of a top I already own, but in a different print ($38).

Second, a floral silk camisole from Talbots with a very spring-y vibe ($32).

So, which one (yes, just one!) did I decide to pick? Have a guess in the comments.

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday afternoon and I am looking forward to exploring more of the High Street area in the near future. My next stops will likely include a couple of cool boutiques, Black & Bold and Red Ribbon. Got other recommendations for me? Share them in the comments!

7 Comments on A stylish Saturday

  1. I would definitely say the silk camisole! Also, thanks for the tip on the Lux makeup class. I’m going to attend to help me look my best at Rachel’s photoshoots.

  2. I think you picked both! 😉 If I just have to pick one, I guess the Talbots top as well because it’s so springy.