I hosted my fifth annual clothing swap on Saturday, and I am happy to report that it was a great night! With a record of fourteen attendees, proceedings quickly devolved into a fun frenzy of style. My once-so-seemingly spacious house brimmed to the rafters with gorgeous ladies strutting their new stuff; deals were struck over hot items, and everyone took turns playing Cinderella in front of the accessory wall – aka shoe central. Alas, amid all the madness, your slightly overwhelmed host/blogger didn’t get a chance to take any photos; I hope you’ll trust me when I say that high style marks were awarded all around.

Of course, it would be no party of my instigation without cupcakes. These delicious minis – and don’t let the size fool you, the taste was off the charts – came courtesy of the Whimsical Cake Studio. Also much enjoyed (though sadly undocumented on camera) was the cheese burek from the Cheese Factory; this also happens to be one of the 25 top things to eat in Edmonton, and it was agreed by all that its spot on the list was well-deserved.

It also wouldn’t be a very stylish party without a bit of swag. What could go better with new clothes than a little gift bag full of pampering goodies – nail polish (natch!), Burt’s Bees products, and Lindt chocolates! [Please take a moment to admire my crafty skills exhibited in those handmade gift tags. Yes, Two Left Hands Adina is now on her way to Martha Stewart-ville. The mind boggles.]
With such a large crowd in attendance, I am happy to report that even after everyone left fairly loaded up with goodies, there were still two large bags of lovely items left to be donated to Suit Yourself and Value Village. Hopefully, our fun night will benefit a few more people along the way.

I will do a more extensive post on the pieces I snagged for myself later in the week, but for now … a sneak peek:

Curious to see more?

OK, one last peek:
Stay tuned for part 2 of the clothing swap-mania (outfit edition) on Wednesday!

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