This week, I’m bringing you one of Chanel’s older polishes that, sadly, was recently discontinued. Imperial is a rich chocolate-y brown creme, one of Chanel’s one-coat wonders. It dries to an absolutely flawless, glistening finish … and if looking at an Imperial manicure doesn’t give you an intense longing for some dark Lindt, then you probably wouldn’t know a chocolate addiction if it came up behind you in the pantry and had its way with your self-control. What? Ahem.
As I mentioned, the formula on Imperial is flawless. I also got very little wear – pretty good for such a dark colour. It’s a great alternative to black or other near-black colours if you’re looking for something a little vampy.

To go with this classic Chanel, I had to pull out my classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. I love a pop of cobalt blue next to dark brown!
I would encourage everyone to try a wrap dress at least once in their lives, because it truly flatters almost every body type, including the post-baby one. I know that busty ladies are often reluctant to give the wrap dress a chance because of potential “gaping” issues, but fear not, my lovelies. Layer a tank top underneath and you’re good to go! Of course, no one does wrap dresses like DVF – after all, she invented them! Her dresses are made from an incredible silk jersey that’s lightweight, super comfortable, and is pretty much immune to static. You’ll feel like you’re wearing your most comfy bathrobe, while looking much, much more stylish. Can’t beat that!

Happy Friday!

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