This week’s Chanel, Pearl Drop, is not one of the superstars of its line-up. Released as part of the same collection as Black Pearl (which I have already featured), it is not quite in the same attention-grabbing league. It is a soft, pretty ivory with gold shimmer, which can be seen as a different take on the neutral nail.

The shimmer really comes out under bright light.

Looking at the photos above, you can probably guess my biggest issue with this polish. Yep, it’s sheer. So sheer, in fact, that two coats come nowhere close to opacity. And you know that I am not a fan of either three-coat manicures or VNL. I am still looking for the perfect “underwear” for Pearl Drop – i.e. a good base colour to layer under it. Until I find it, this one will remain one of my lesser used, and loved, Chanels.

For this week’s outfit, I was inspired to go with a simple palette – black, white and grey. But I wanted something pretty and girly, because Pearl Drop is a soft colour rather than a stark white. I dug out my Club Monaco shirtdress, which has a very hip-forgiving cut – a true blessing these days. And I added a belt because it never hurts to emphasize one’s assets.

I absolutely adore this J.Crew flower belt, although I am usually too self-conscious with regards to my age to wear it. Can a 31-year old wear a big flower un-ironically? Time to find out.

Happy Friday!

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