This week I am bringing out another of Chanel’s older polishes from its current permanent collection, the lovely and ultra-feminine Rose Confidentiel. Do not be fooled by the bottle colour of this one; it might seem a bit blah, and even grandmother-ish, yet it is anything but that on the nail. Instead, it is a beautiful faded rose colour that can probably flatter any and all complexions. Pictures do not really do justice to the real-life beauty of this polish, but here is my best shot.

Application is my only issue with Rose Confidential; it can be a bit tricky. This is another of those jelly-creme hybrids which can take three coats to achieve full opacity. Two very thick coats might do the trick, but then one runs the risk of smudges and other boo-boos (not to mention a very long drying time). In the photo above, I used two coats, and I could still see visible nail line (VNL) in some lights; VNL is my manicure equivalent of VPL – hate it!

For anyone who loves this colour, but doesn’t wish to commit to the Chanel price tag, one of the polishes in the recent OPI Holland collection is a very close cousin – step-sibling, even – of Rose Confidentiel. If you ignore the too-cutesy name, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes has the same colour base as Rose Confidentiel; GGTS’s formula is slightly thicker (hence, better application and coverage in two coats for me), and GGTS has a shimmer finish that is particularly visible in bright light, but otherwise they are almost indistinguishable.
For this week’s inspired outfit, I wanted something very ladylike, to match Rose Confidentiel’s vibe, without being too fussy or staid.
Sky-high heels always liven up an outfit, and the exaggerated shoulder line is also pretty fun. I still haven’t been able to find a high-necked sweater to pair with my Peter Pan-ish collar blouse, but this comes closest. I love the muted colours in this outfit, and the fact that it is packed with hidden detail.

Having said that, the sweater is currently sitting in my “swap pile” for next week’s party; I just haven’t gotten as much wear out of it as I thought I would. This was going to be its 11th hour chance at redemption … but, I am not entirely convinced. What do you think?

Happy Friday!

3 Comments on Manicure of the week: Rose Confidentiel

  1. Thanks to you, I’m skipping the Chanel and got the OPI; plus it’s got the shimmer. 🙂 Your outfit is so cute… but what’s going on with the necklace? I love it!

  2. I don’t think I can offer unbiased advice on that sweater – if it’s in my size, I’d snap it up at the swap! (If I could make it!) I love the puff sleeves on the sweater; it’s very feminine and I have several sweaters like that already.

  3. I love the nail polish. The sweater looks beautiful on you but short-sleeved sweaters seem so impractical – if it’s warm enough for short sleeves it’s usually too warm for wool.